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ReaganQuestbyDavid Crittend
Hillary Fibillary Flop
blog blog blot blog blog  The Atkinson syndrome.   That big fish story sums up the true nature of Hillary Clinton's character. More reference:
  and  like this.
Eagle One (USN Ret.)
Apparently Barry “Almighty”, our ‘Dear Beloved Leader’, is once again giving some thought to using his mighty pen and, instead of following the process dictated to him by our Constitution which up un...
David Hendrix
Why the Ted Cruz birthers are wrong.
Joshua Rojas on the Ted Cruz Birthers:        1. atural-born-citizen/ 2. http://www.westernfreepre...
David Hendrix
#RealBenCarson: was asked what he would do if Hurricane Joaquin hit? Response: “I don’t know” Really? #BensBlunders #RealBenCarson: Voiced Support for a Ban on Semi-Automati...
Susan Sanderson
Flight 93 Mentality
On September 11, 2001 Islamists attacked America. Four commercial airplanes were highjacked to be used as missiles against the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. One of these planes, American Fligh...