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Auto Air Condition Powered by Candy Bars


Here is something to think about! The more high tech inventions take over doing the common tasks of our daily lives , the more time we have on our hands. But this newly found freedom has produce a society that has a short attention span and is very self focused. 
For example ample, many parents feel they don’t have the time to figure out how to harness and channel the hyper activity of their children,in to a positive direction.
So they try to suppress the hyper activity by feeding their children drugs like Ridelin,turning their children into Zombies. 
Well back in the seventies when the gas crises had American’s siting in a line that was sometimes a half a mile long,to get to the Gas station to get your turn to fuel one vehicle.
Well one sizzlin summers’ day while I was in the car with my dad , we were melting away as our car inch it’s way every ten minutes toward the gas station.
My dad came up with a clever way to harness my hyper activity. He had me sit behind him in the back seat of the car,holding a plastic bin with a block of ice in it. 
He had me blowing air across the block of ice,so it would cool off the back of his neck.
The cooler he wanted the air,the more candy bars he would feed me,so I would blow faster.
I believe that day,my dad had created the first air conditioner for a car.

Written By Stephen J. Vattimo August 6,2012

Daniel the Storyteller
i realize this is sort of off topic, but have you noticed that we have all the high tech tools to give us more time and we spend that time doing more work?