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Roy Moore is Innocent- Democrats are Wicked Liars!

Roy Moore is innocent and this woman is an evil liar! Wicked Democrats will do anything to gain power to keep on stealing your money, having sex orgies, and keeping you as their slaves. Liberals and Democrats will do anything to get their selfish way: 1. Murder people like unborn babies, 2. Have slaves like Democrats did in the South and fought a civil war to keep, 3. Have homosexual marriage and force it down Christians throats with severe fines and threats of jail and death if you do not believe in their evil religion, 4. Lie about anyone who they hate, like Trump with the false Dossier of Russia golden showers, Pat Buchanan, Bush, Reagan, and many other conservatives.

Why did this not come out for nearly 40 years? Why did it never come out in Moore's other elections? and when he was the Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice two times? Why did these women never speak about this before for nearly 38 years? No lawsuits? Her mother never called the police back then? Of course they will lie against Roy Moore who fears God and Jesus Christ greatly, follows the law and Constitution as it is written and how the Founding Fathers meant it, and hates disgusting and wicked homosexual marriage which has no authority in Law at all. Pray Roy Moore wins and the people will see he is innocent as is our modern Founding Father like Washington and Jefferson who loves freedom for all and feared God.

Ray Mitchell

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