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The Dawn of a New Religion

Okay…so I’ve been giving this some quality thought.

If L. Ron Hubbard…a science fiction author can start up a religion that sticks pins in a Leah Remini doll, having at its core, several well-known and questionably talented members of the Hollywood asylum for the terminally nuts…and if some dude in prison serving time on assault charges, who helped to co-found a fascist organization…the Black Nationalist organization, could invent from thin air…Kwanza…and con folks into believing it was some authentic African holiday…

Why couldn’t I come up with a religion of my very own?

So…having put my full effort into it…I am now looking for converts to…


Raymond Mitchell
The Homosexual Religion is the New Religion of today, trying to force their Religious views down everyone's throats. Homosexuals say there is nothing wrong with homo sex, and God made them "gay" because they were born that way with their genes (even tho now they say you can be any sex you want based...
Craig Andresen
Well's a damn good thing YOU'RE not a hater huh? This article has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with gay people, and yet, being more obsessed with gay people than GAY people decided to turn it into a platform for your own hatred.