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Facebook Has Now Crossed The Line

By: Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

For the third time in 10 days the facebook I sarcastically call them...have thrown me in both facebook jail and messenger jail, this time for 30 days for a post from over three years ago!

That's right folks...for a post from three plus years ago that I was previously banned for...meaning the fb gods can now recycle your bannings and blockings at whim!

Overstepping their boundaries via a private tyrannical dictatorship for sure.

So what did my post say that was so awful that it got me banned a second said, "Why can't Obama do a freakin' thing about the muzzies infiltrating our country." That's it in full...that was the post from three plus years ago that got me banned then and now got me banned again.

Then when I went to screen capture the message that facebook sent me...sent me through messages instead of their usual notification mode...all that showed up in the capture was would not pick up the post itself.

Knowing that it was the word 'muzzies' that got me banned three plus years ago I have never used it again in any facebook postings or comments and yet back it comes to haunt again. Selective enforcement bar none bordering on pure harassment.

And why do I say harassment...because facebook takes the word of one...yes one...single person as to what breeches their precious Community Standards never once contacted the 'supposed' guilty party involved to see if the complainer was not just someone with a let's say personal vendetta or just a liberal wanting to silence dissenting conservative opinions...nor will they ever tell you who said complainer is.

So there is no doubt that facebook has 'targeted' question about it...what with them having banned me double-digit times over the years for posts ranging from the picture of our dead U.S. soldier being dragged through the streets of Mogadishu (to which fb said the Pulitzer Prize winning 1994 photograph was pornography and thus I was a pornographer); to saying sharia law oppresses and subjugates women; to I believe Obama is a traitor; to Hillary being a lying crook; to being banned for a comment on a post I never wrote, posted, or commented on just because I was one of the page admins (facebook says admins are supposed to police comments for content in violation of facebook’s policies whether they are online at the time the comment was posted or not): and get this...I was banned for 30-days on the very day I was burying my mother with no reason given, no post cited, and when I was obviously not even on facebook then nor during the previous days.

The above are but a few of the many times I've been in facebook jail and know that each and every time I appealed but never once did facebook respond.

And something I'm sure the fb gods were not happy with is that at times some key 'players' even mentioned my 'jailing' in articles in their publications over the years. You can see one of two articles I was mentioned in in The Blaze here: article with links to others by the Examiner here: and another one here: ; in Breitbart's The Muslim Issue here: ; and in Liberty Voice here:


Now as to the word 'muzzies' which when banned three plus years ago and which at the time I did not know was against their Community Standards, but when I found out it was I never used it again...yet that word and that post has been dug up from their archives to come back to haunt me so many years later. And know I appealed immediately stating that this was an old post I had already been 'punished' for, and that now they are using selective enforcement to the nth degree to bring up my posts from years past that have already been dealt with. I also told them I'm going public with this as this is a pure unadulterated form of harassment. And of course like in the times before no response has been forthcoming.

And, by the way, this banning happened and the notification was sent to me in the middle of the night when I was asleep and my computer was turned off.

So where for the next 30-days do I go from here...this blog continues and I will continue to post on the 'alternate facebook' venues. And of course Craig Andresen's and my RIGHT SIDE PATRIOTS radio show goes on. But with facebook secure in the knowledge that they have the biggest audience of all the social media sites know this banning, like with the others, has seriously restricted me from doing my responsibilities regarding my radio show position, getting our conservative message out to the many, and is restricted me from telling the truth the media will not tell you nor the fb gods want you to know.

Censorship thy name is facebook...selective enforcement thy name is facebook...hypocrisy thy name is facebook...but know this patriot will never be silenced no matter what the facebook gods do to me...period.

Copyright @ 2018 Diane Sori / The Patriot Factor / All Rights Reserved.

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Ron Bedell
Yes. I agree Diane. I agree 100%. I would like to see TPC grow much bigger. FB is getting more and more hopeless. They harass me also. There is no freedom of speak on FB. If you speak out against their golden calf (homosexuality) like I did, you could end up in the FB dog house. More and more conser...
Diane Sori
If you speak out about conservatism or against muslims and ilaam they throw you in fb jail.
Ron Bedell
They sure will. I agree.
Thomas Reuther
I posted this to Facebook.
Want to see if anything will result of it.
As you can probably surmise, I really don't care if it does.
Diane Sori
Thanks for sharing it.