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Politics with Pete (1/12/18))

So now he's dumb?


Could someone please explain the lib Dem current philosophy to me.  First, candidate Trump rigged the election with Putin's help. The media and Hollywood elites stoked the fires to the point that a special investigation, led by Mueller, ensued. Of course it was determined there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Next came the "war" between President Trump and the media, Hollywood, and the lib Dems based on lies and personal attacks against the President and his family. We all know the fires of the war were stoked by people like Behar, Colbert, the gangs at CNN and MSNBC. These groups could not and will still not accept that Crooked Hillary lost, and lost big time.

Then, led by Dems Watters and Greene, a bill was attempted to be introduced to impeach President Trump. Of course that failed. But of course that didn't stop the relentless attacks on our President and his family. Even the book of pure fiction by a virtually unknown did nothing to stop, or even slow down President Trump's momentum.

And as the attacks kept coming President Trump pushed back attacking the fake news press by taking his messages straight to the American people through social media. Yet these groups have the audacity to tell President Trump to stop using social media. Has the press given any thought to reporting the news truthfully and with integrity? Maybe the tweeting would stop. This Pressident wants the honest and truthful news to reach the American people. Can anyone really blame Mr. Trump for wanting truthful news to reach Americans/

Now, with all these attacks just what is our President accomplishing? Well, we've had the lowest tac cut ever in American history. The stock market has risen to the highest it has ever been. Unemployment is at 4.1%, and African-American employment is the lowest it's ever been in history. Our GDP is steady at 3% for consecutive sessions. ISIS is virtually decimated. For every EPA regulation introduced 22 of Obama's regulations were abolished.

Then came the onslaught of the media and elites comparing Mr. Trump to Hitler. When that didn't work President Trump was then brutally attacked for being the king of Twitter. I'm old enough to remember FDR's "Fireside Chats" on the radio. Most of us 63 million 'deplorables' hope that President Trump continues to tweet. This is his best way to bypass the fake news media and take his message straight to the American people.

All of these lies and false accusations perpetrated from the media and elites still fell short. So what have these groups resorted to? Now they're saying he's mentally unfit to be our President. We 63 million 'deplorables' just reply, "If Mr. Trump is mentally unfit after accomplishing all these things in less than a year....we hope he stays "unfit". " And by the way how come none of us 63 million are ever interviewed? 

Of course President Trump is bombastic, very quick to push back vehemently against the fake media, and many times gets very outspoken. This successful man amassed a worth of over $5.Billion, and yet stupid uninformed people still think he's unfit. He's certainly not a spineless jellyfish like the last guy we had. And while the media would never tell you, there were many Americans who wondered just how much Barry and his husband Michael really loved our country. Remember trannie Michellse/Michael was the one that said, "All this for a dam flag", at a yearly commemoration at the World Trade Center. Does anyone doubt how much President Trump loves this country, and wants to put us on top where we belong.

All I can say (write) now is a prayer to God, "Dear Lord please make me as mentally unfit as President Trump....I'd like to make $5.Billion".

And that's Politics with Pete for today.....God bless our country and our troops.