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Just say NO to an Article V Convention of the States and Constitutional Convention

Just say NO to an Article V Convention of the States  and Constitutional Convention

by Ron Bedell


I just received this email from Ben Shapiro asking me to sign the National Convention of the States petition. If this was a "Convention of the States" why is it National? Obviously the globalists and Freemasons who are organizing this Convention of the States have in mind to form a full blown Constitutional Convention and either replace the U.S. Constitution or amendment the U.S. Constitution. The goal of the globalists is to create a political document that is a lot more favorable to the Satanic New World Order. As far as I am concerned you can take the "Convention of the States" and the "Constitutional Convention" and flush them both right down the toilet! Our government is out-of-control because Americans keep electing Democrats and Freemason RINO Republicans who keep supporting New World Order policies! The last time this country had a Constitutional Convention in 1787 America's Founder's were supposed to amend the Articles of Confederation, but instead they replaced the Articles of Confederation with a document (U.S. Constitution) that called for a much bigger federal government and a much more centralized federal government. America's Founding Father's flat out LIED to the States. Yes, many (including George Washington) were Christians but they were also Freemasons, and they flat out lied to the States they represented! Today the globalists and Freemasons say, "We have an out-of-control federal government and, therefore, we must have a Convention of the States. Folks, whether this turns out to be just a "Convention of the States" or a full blown "Constitutional Convention," the goal of the globalists and Freemasons is to amend or create a political federal document that is a lot more favorable to the Satanic New World Order! The RINO, Freemason, jackass Republicans are going to say, "We need this convention because we must pass a balanced budget amendment." Folks, the Republicans just passed a $1 Trillion budget busting deficit bill! If the Republicans cannot balance the budget now, why would anybody think the Republicans are going to obey a balanced budget amendment? 



Dear Ron,


Did you hear the news?


Ben Shapiro just joined over 3 million grassroots patriots in the movement to call an Article V Convention of States and save our nation from our out-of-control federal government!


I urge you, right this second, to join him -- and us -- by signing the National Petition for an Article V Convention of States to save America.


As Ben recently said, "Article V exists so that the people have the final say, not the federal government. If you believe the people should decide instead of politicians in Washington, D.C. then you should support the Convention of States Project."


Just click here to add your name to this national petition. And then PLEASE forward this email around to every single person you know.


Sign The Petition

You see, our Founding Fathers were brilliant men. They left an emergency clause in the Constitution in case the federal government got too big and out-of-control.


It's called Article V, and it allows the states to bypass Congress and the "deep state" by calling a Convention of States that will propose amendments to our Constitution and rein in the federal government.


Well, conservative leaders all across the country believe it is time to invoke Article V and call a Convention of States.


Ben Shapiro was recently quoted saying, "I absolutely support the Convention of States Project. Yes, it can happen - and yes, it should happen."


I hope you agree!


It's time for "We the People" to use the most powerful weapon in our arsenal, the Constitution, to fight back against Washington's overreach. We believe we must fight back using a tool as large as the problem.


Please sign the National Petition for an Article V Convention of States right now, and please ask everyone you know to do the same.


Here at Convention of States Action, we are working overtime to convince the required 34 state legislatures to call for an Article V convention to place limits on the power and jurisdiction of the federal government.


And we're facing a tough and determined opposition.


You see, leftist operatives are already flooding state capitals across America to thwart the hard work of our citizen-activists because they know that if we succeed, we could reverse a century of left-wing gains virtually overnight!


We must ensure that the Convention of States resolution passes in the necessary 34 states before the leftists beat back our efforts, and you can help us do that with your signature on this urgent national petition today.


Simply click here to add your name, and please urge your friends and neighbors to do the same.


We have a citizen-activist army operating in all 50 states, working constantly to urge their state legislators to act in accordance with the will of the people and demand that they pass this critically important resolution.


A Convention of States is our only chance to pass important and long overdue measures like a balanced budget amendment, term limits on Congress and the Supreme Court, and limits on the scope and jurisdiction of the federal government.


The politicians in Washington are too self-serving to ever solve the problems plaguing our nation -- problems of their own creation. We have reached the point where it is up to us, We The People, to fix the mess created by inept and corrupt politicians in DC!


But in order for that to happen, we need as many patriots as we can possibly find in your state to sign this important national petition right away.


Simply click here to sign. A Convention of States is our best chance to save America from an out-of-control federal government.


Sign The Petition

Washington won't fix itself. The federal government is too big, and Congress and the "deep state" are too invested in its growth.


We The People must take control through our state legislatures. It's our only chance to enact real change.


Please join the fight for an emergency Convention of States. Sign the petition today, and urge every freedom-loving American you know to do the same.


Thank you, and may God bless America!


For America,


Mark Meckler


Convention of States Action




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Robin Larson
Can't trust the Congress on everyday things, why would anyone trust them on something as important as this? Enforce the laws as are, then vote out those who aren't.
Herman Nelson
Bad idea. I can't trust who is congress now, let alone a Art V delegation appointed by the governor of a state. Holding an Art V convention is opening Pandora's Box to changes to the Constitution.