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Comey and DNC Guilty of Sedition?

Did FBI Director Comey used FBI as a Rogue Agency to overthrow the President? Comey knew that the Russia Dossier, the main reason for appointment of a Independent Counsel, was crafted by the DNC and unverified. Comey knew the Hillary Campaign paid millions to create a smear document to destroy President Trump, yet never told the President or media. Comey used the DNC's fictional dossier to obtain FISA Warrants and conduct political espionage on the Presidents Campaign. Comey must be investigated for subversion, obstruction of justice, collusion with foreign agents to overthrow our Government, fraud, corruption of FISA process, destruction of evidence in the Hillary investigation, and other crimes. Time for a 2nd Independent Counsel and a shut down of the Comey/DNC Witch Hunt.

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