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DOJ IG Finds Obama FBI Corruption and Raid on Trumps Lawyer Confirms it

Democrats have stripped President Trump and his lawyers every possible protection under the laws of our country. The crime? Which funds were used to pay a hooker for consensual sex? On the other hand, Clinton was accused of rape by 4 women, yet his lawyer's offices were never raided by the FBI. Obama gave billions in cash to Iran and other terrorist groups but the FBI has never investigated where the money came from. Hillary used an illegal server, destroyed hard drives and thousands of messages, her lawyers assisted in the destruction of evidence, yet their offices were never raided. How can payments for sex be more serious than National Security, rape, and compromise of State Department communications to interception by foreign powers?
Richard Merrimen
The corruption at the highest levels all of our government is sickening! There is no longer justice for conservatives! Liberals get to break every law, the conservatives don't get to even exist!
Larry Hall
Trump should come out and tell the drive-by media,

"Alright so I had an affair with a PORN-STAR 10 years ago!" (Melania has forgiven me)

"At least it was consensual, compared to Bill Clinton forcing himself on women in general, Ted Kennedy leaving a woman at the bottom of a pond and having extra mari...
Richard Merrimen
Not to mention Bill and sHillary sold America to China in line their pockets to get rich! Both should be tried for high treason against America found guilty and shot in public, along with any other of our public officials who took money from China. Including Joe Biden who got $2 billion in the deal ...

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