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The Deal is Dead…Now, Arrest John Kerry

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By Craig Andresen – Right Side Patriots on American Political Radio

On Monday, Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked by some short bus riding liberal member of the mainstream media about whether or not the Trump administration would be taking any advice from former Secretary of State John Kerry on the Iran nuclear deal.

Her response was epic…

“I don’t think that we would take advice from somebody who created what the president sees to be one of the worst deals ever made. I’m not sure why we would start listening to him now.”

John Kerry…that’s private citizen John Kerry…


Ginny Hanks
I'm getting darn sick and tired of the commoner who have to pay for their misdeeds but the "elite" never pay for their crimes. WHY?
Dale Nixon
Ask yourself why Trump isn't doing this?
Larry Major
Because the democrats would have a hissy fit again ?
Dale Nixon
Why would he care about that?
jv ,
If that's his reason, he needs fired after he's tarred and feathered
Lewis Neidhardt
If you can believe Trump, he paid $130,000 for not having sex with Stormy Daniels.
That might be a worse deal.
Paul McCord
Was he in some sort of official capacity at that time? Did it even happen? It's yet to be proven, and Mr. Trump was a private citizen. Let's see your list of perfection there Lewis.
Lewis Neidhardt
He was a bona fide candidate for president at the time of the pay of but that wasn't the point.
Taj Gunter
LMAO!!! That one caught me by surprise... spewed out an ounce of coffee onto my keyboard.