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How I Became a Conservative: PART 2

How I Became A Conservative, My Father Ran For the Liberal Party as a MLA: PART 2

Back Story: As things worsen in Canada and America, it is important to know who are trolls, etc. The First Part of my story involves the months running up to the last American federal election, when I saw the incredible protection of the Clintons, Haiti, crimes against women, the ClintonFoundation, and all the stories you know.
I said to a friend, All you have to do is be able to count.

We were relieved when Trump was elected, but the second part involved the terrible Justin Trudeau of Canada, and his devotion to Radical Islam.


Early last fall, I began watching YouTube videos about the insane Migrant Crisis in Europe, in which millions of mostly Muslims were suddenly dumped into Europe. Angela Merkel stood out as mentally insane.

All the reasons for this seemed to be lies. With computerization, and factories moving to China, why were cheap migrant workers needed by the millions?

The crazy idea that people of non Muslim cultures would suddenly want to mate and marry into Muslim culture, with its polygamy, child brides, FGM, etc - seemed to be a lie too.*****

Who would this benefit, except for the Muslims?*****

Why would non Muslims help this disaster to happen?*****

Even Muslim leaders in Europe claim more than half of all these new arrivals are on welfare!*****

This is all a Trojan Horse, it is amilitary plan, and a military invasion, and the psychology of the Western people - helping victims of wars, etc. - has been used as a weapon against our own peoples.*****

The important of bringing in laws against free speech, while they freely say all over the Internet, Kill Jews, Kill Christians, is imperative - for when we wake up and see the flag of Islam flying over Northern Europe, it will be too late to do anything about this.*****

During World War 2, Mulsims and Nazis connected, and their own leaders say, we learned a great deal from Hitler. For it is non Muslims who have trained them in understanding how to use our laws about racism and sexism against us.*****

Justin Trudeau in Canada is the most dangerous anti USA leader around, and he is right beside you. He can fill the Canadian army with non citizens, and your own government must try to help Canada, as unlike the USA, where the Democratic Party still refuses to see how great a threat Islam is, 90 PER CENT of Canadians want Justin Trudeau stopped ASAP.*****

Every day the situation worsens, and this TRAITOR must be disconnected from giving billions more to Muslims countries, and destroying the Canadian military by filling it with Muslims from other countries.*****

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