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Politics with Pete 6/7/18))

You go media!


Here's a message for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, Whoopi, Joy, Colbert, Kimmel,  Samantha Bee, and Schumer and Pelosi: Thank you, thank you for making this November such an easy road for the GOP. And a double thank you with the hope that you contiinue down your "resistance" path to make November, 2020 so encouraging for us. Please keep it up. The combination of Hillary and Pelosi are the best duo the GOP could ever hope for.

Even with the media's platform President Trump's approval ratings are climbing every day. Americans, even anti-Trumpers are seeing through the left's "resistance" ideology. The left has control over the media and Hollywood elites, but they are beginning to realize that the 63 million of us aren't buying or budging in our unwavering support of President Trump.

The left has no platform or candidate to getting in the way of our President's goals for Americans. They just keep parading celebrities in front of their cameras 24/7 in hopes of turning the tide on  the support we 63 million have pledged to the GOP and President Trump. For eight years our great country had to endure Barry Soetero's plight to destroy our country. 

Barry Soetero stayed in the background doing nothing but catering to people and organizations that supported his ideology that America was a horrible country.  And now after eight years of his insufferable leadership we now have a strong decisive President that continues to prove every day that America and its people come first. He is unlike Barry and his husband Michael  who put everything above America.

So CNN and MSNBC strongly believe that parading those mentioned in my opening paragraph will really advance their cause of bringing down President Trump. However they just keep forgetting about us 63 million strong Trump supporters. You can bet that the media will never interview any of the 63 million, let alone have us on a panel talking about Trump's accomplishments.

Why is there so much bitterness among the lib Dems? Is it because everyone on the lib Dem side believed that the corrupt Crooked Hillary was going to be their queen? I have some family members that refuse to discuss anything all on the matter. They bitterly raise their voice and say, "Stop right there Pete...not going to talk about it". These are the same people, who for eight years, "rubbed" our noses in Barry and his husband Michael-the-Tranny living in the White House.  They gave it out, but now, only 500 days in office, they can't take it, and will not accept Mr. Trump as our President, regardless of all he's accomplished for the American people.

I had a friend, well he's just an acquaintance now, that lives in California, and he knows I'm a staunch Trump supporter. We used to email political jokes and cartoons back and forth. He was so distraught and upset when Mr. Trump won, that he told me to stop emailing him. I was hurt and dismayed at first, until I realized he was happy drowning in his quagmire of liberalism, and he was just full of hatred for Trump. Much like the people in my first paragraph.

Final thought. Do any of those in my opening paragraph think, even for one second, that any of us 63 million could be persuaded to give up our support  of President Trump? I fantasize about being on The View or on Colbert's show for an interview. Alas, I know that will never happen, and it's all because the lib Dems are scary afraid of the success of Republicans. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today....God bless our country

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