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What I Believe Politically

Having been labeled a liberal, a troll, a Democrat, and numerous other epithets and insults, I thought I would take the time to clarify once and for all exactly where I stand politically.  This is not some litmus test & if you disagree with me on some of the issues that is fine. My point in doing this is to educate those who feel I am liberal because I oppose Trump. OK onto the issues:

1. I am for a small, very limited government. The larger a government becomes the more able it is to restrict our rights as citizens.
2. I oppose all forms of tax increases (including hidden taxes such as tariffs, tolls, etc.). I believe Americans are already far over-taxed.
3. I am an ardent believer in private property rights. I hate eminent domain & believe it should only be used in extreme circumstances.  
4. I believe in a strong national defense.
5. I oppose abortion in all situations.
6. I believe in the death penalty.
7. I fully support 2A. I oppose gun restrictions & restrictions on anything that would inhibit the exercise of 2A. For example I do not believe bullets or bump stocks should be banned.
8. I vote for whomever I believe is the BEST candidate regardless of political affiliation. I have voted for Democrats before and may do so again in the future if their values and beliefs align with mine.
9. I NEVER vote for draft dodgers. If a man refuses to serve when called, he should not later be given the chance to serve in government as he has proven to be unfit for that high calling.
10. I oppose amnesty. Period.
11. I believe 95% (if not more) of the foreign aid we give is a huge mistake. We cannot buy friends & most of the countries we give foreign aid to hate us.
12. I believe the United Nations is an enemy to liberty. I would like to see the U.S. leave the U.N. and then kick the entire organization out of the U.S.
13. While I have trouble with what many news agencies report (and do not report) I fully support the freedom of the press. Yes the media can do & have done bad things on occasion, but our politicians (who would love to have the power to control the press) are even less trustworthy. Just because I disagree with how some organizations report news, I do not seek to censor them.
14. I believe marriage is between a man & a woman. Period.
15. I believe birthright citizenship is a faulty interpretation of the Constitution.
16. I do not believe in selling weapons to our proven enemies. For example the big weapons sale to the Saudis (the people who pulled off 9/11) was a huge mistake. As was sending funds to Iran as a part of the Iran Deal.
17. I am very wary of North Korea, Iran, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, etc. These nations are not our friends.
18. I believe Global Warming is a money-making hoax.
19. I pray for the President almost daily, but agree with him on very little. I also pray for the House & Senate, but agree with them on little as well. I would like to see the ENTIRE Congress replaced in November with new people who have never served in government in ANY capacity.
20. I believe we should hold ALL our politicians accountable & not doing so is unpatriotic. They supposedly work for us you know.
21. I do not believe in Deep State or the Illuminati. I believe those are squirrels that our politicians use to deflect criticisms from themselves. In short I do not trust politicians from ANY political party. They all have agendas to promote and those agendas rarely are designed to help our country.
22. I think re-instating earmarks would grow the swamp contrary to what the President suggests.
23. I believe that many of the things that the federal government controls should be controlled by the states.
24. I believe ObamaCare is awful & the government should get out of the healthcare business.
25. While I am a Constitutional conservative, I do not view liberal/progressives or populists as my enemy. I think this "they are the enemy" approach is creating many of the problems we have as a nation. Remember Scalia considered Ginsburg to be his best friend on the Supreme Court. Pres. Reagan and Tip O'Neill rarely saw eye to eye on politics but were good friends nonetheless. I have some wonderful friends who are Democrats; these people would give you the clothes off their back, their last dollar or their last bit of food. I cherish these friends even though we don't see eye to eye on politics.
26. As a Christian & a Constitutionalist I do not believe it is right to impose any restrictions on the Church. Having said that tho I have a HUGE problem with churches who preach politics rather than the Word of God. We should never sacrifice the preaching of the Word in order to preach politics.
27. I believe character is a very important issue for our elected officials. I believe God expects us to seek to elect politicians who have shown a long track record of solid character & support for Christian values.
28. I actually support a ban on allowing people from certain countries to enter this nation. However the nations who have produced the people who have engaged in the most terrorism in this nation are not on that ban. Saudi Arabia for example.
29. I think a military parade is a great waste of money. I think, if we choose to spend the money allocated to that parade, it would be better used to feed & house our many homeless vets. I believe our vets deserve better.
30. Finally I think we should all strive to defend the Constitution. Remember our freedom has cost the lives of many since 1776.

OK I may not have covered everything here, but if I have stated anything that you consider liberal please let me know & I will be happy to discuss it with you. God bless you all & have a great day.

Lisa Alabama
Nicely stated, Steve.
Steve Johnson
Thanks, my friend, for taking time to read it. You'll probably be the only one, but at least it's out there now. Happy Monday.
Lisa Alabama
You're welcome. I agree with you but the truth of what you believe won't do any good around here. Insulting is all they have, you damn troll. ; ) Happy Monday!
Steve Johnson
Thanks for starting my Monday off with a laugh. I needed that this morning.
Keith Jennings
Agree 100%, Steve!
Scott Stewart III%
I agree with pretty much all you stated in your blog.

I do think that the pastors in the the church should preach what the Bible teaches on the moral issues (not rave about politics, just the Biblical teachings on what is right and wrong) and encourage the congregation to live their lives according...
Steve Johnson
Thanks for reading it, Scott. I appreciate your comments.

I am thankful for anything positive that Pres. Trump does. However, I find it very difficult to support him. I believe we get the government we deserve, not the government we need. I also believe that God can use anyone and anything (Numbers ...
Arwen Undomiel
I wonder, what would have happened if someone had come along and convinced King George to back off the colonies just a bit. Make them more comfortable colonists. Still subjects to the crown. Still not free. But more comfortable.
Hal Smathers
That would make an excellent treatise.
Arwen Undomiel
I would love to tackle the issue. Back in. 2008 and again in 2012 it was the end of the world if Obama won. Now it’s what if Hillary had won.

I’d love to delve into it. not into the specific policies and outcomes but the political atmosphere and its effect on the people. We—the right—were more unit...
Hal Smathers
Any honest member, who has been here more than a month knew all that. But oh! The things we have been called by the sycophants. Nicely stated, nevertheless.
Steve Johnson
Thanks, Hal. That makes 4 people who read it -- 3 more than I expected. What a great surprise!

What I find amusing is being repeatedly told how much I hate by individuals who seethe hatred toward anyone who fails to bow the knee to Trump.
Hal Smathers
Ain't that the truth.
Keith Jennings
In other words, Steve stated everything the Tea party stood for before Chump came along!
Steve Johnson
Hal Smathers
Jerry Gibson
and president trump is the closet to everything you just listed, but good luck finding someone in this country that will actually live up to that list
Keith Jennings
Yes, closet liberal. There are several who do, but won't win because you rabid nationalist want a populist to blow smoke up your ass instead of dealing with reality!
Dan Whelan
How do you justify opposing the one guy who has made any, I mean, any, attempt to reduce the size of the federal government?
Steve Johnson
Because I have not seen him do one single thing to reduce the size of the federal government? He's not eliminated a single Cabinet department, but he did sign a YUGE omnibus spending bill (that continues federal funding of abortions I might add). He's not reduced the size of the staff in the WH, oth...
Lisa Alabama
Melania has reduced her staff. Just throwing that in for the fun of it. : )
Steve Johnson
Then I sit corrected. Thanks for the info!
Hal Smathers
The FLOTUS shouldn't have staff or expenses. No official government position? No taxpayer funded staff. IMHO
Keith Jennings
Exactly, Hal. The Constitution covers the President's compensation and that ain't in there!
Hal Smathers
Good morning my SweetLisaSis
Lisa Alabama
Hey there, my honeyHal.
Anthony Rossier (FREEDOM!!!
not to mention signing off to add another branch of military that will cost a couple trillion to get off the ground plus billions annually to maintain
Hal Smathers
Dan, quick question, how do you get "oppose" from "don't support".
Hal Smathers
Arwen Undomiel
Hmmm, I'm so confused. I believe most of that as well. Does that mean I'm not a liberal troll either?
Lisa Alabama
I thought you were Keith. ; )
Arwen Undomiel
LMAO! Oh man, I must be then.
Keith Jennings
Yes and a hater snowflake!
Steve Riley
Good read steve. Except for the current great rump divide, think most of the people on here could go right along with you. Reminds me of the "america first" mentality of the 50s. We can never go back to then, however, the time will come (and I believe in the not too distant future) when a lot of h...
Steve Johnson
Thank you for reading. Sadly, I agree with you. I would love to return to a simpler time, but we're too far gone from that.
Jeff Pfeifer
I read it Steve...good stuff! Thanks for posting!
Steve Johnson
Thanks, Jeff, for reading it. I was just looking for some clarification on why some people think I am a liberal. Unfortunately, it appears that failing to support Pres. Trump 100% without question is what defines a liberal these days.
Jeff Pfeifer
Not with me, Steve. I don't like how some of the Trumpers, make such a blanket statement of who is liberal and who is not. I like Trump more than some of you, but totally get where you are coming from and agree with a lot. Seems to be two extremes on here.
Beth .
It’s like you read my mind Steve......
Ann Morrissey Eul
Yep.....very well said, Steve.
Steve Johnson
It seems necessary to resurrect this again as there are some alleged online "friends" who think I am a liberal troll. Maybe if they took the time to read this they would understand.
Ann Morrissey Eul would think....but alas...some are just not capable.
Hal Smathers
And yet, they are trolling every word you say. Living rent free, in their heads. LOL
Steve Johnson
It is funny. At least for me. It's tragic for them.
Eliott Weiss
Well written Steve, but what I would like to know is why I am just seeing this now. I have been on every day butI noticed you posted it around the time I leave for my part time job. By the way, I have never even REMOTELY thought of you as a liberal or closet liberal.
Steve Johnson
You may have missed it because it got pushed down on the global feed quickly. I think it was a fairly active day and this didn't get a lot of responses at first.

Thanks for reading it. I appreciate it.