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Magic Paperwork Failure and the $280 Killings

So, what we have here totally disproves conservatives' endless "muh Emma Lazarus!" bleating. This now-illegal was a LEGAL visa holder and was here LEGALLY years ago. He overstayed that visa, becoming an illegal, but that's not the important point. 

You see, the important point is this: Conservatives, like their leftist mindset masters, will scream and cry about how "legal" immigrants are just damned fine people and RealAmericans™. They all love the Constitution, they all improve the nation, and it's just fantastic that they're here.

Well, this guy was one of those celebrated types. He was legal and pro-immigration conservatives would have bent over backwards to protect him from "hate speech" and/or "racism," just the way the left has trained them to do. 

But here, cuckservatives, is the main point: That magic paperwork visa didn't change him, did it? Did it turn him into a RealAmerican-in-training? Did it remove the negative characteristics inherent in his personality? Did it stop him from being the kind of person who would end up killing two men standing in the street?

Funny thing is, if this happened while he still had his visa, conservatives would just say "oh, it's an accident, so sad, but these things happen." Now that he's illegal, though, I've seen conservatives demanding his head. Weird....I guess the magic paperwork only makes you a RealAmerican while it's in effect and loses that magic when it's not. Exactly how does that happen, conservatives? How does the magic paperwork change a person's heart? Oh wait...let's see what else this guy has done:

"In 2015, Garza Palacios was arrested in Montgomery County and ICE asked him to be placed on hold, but that request was not honored. Humayun stated that the immigration case is still ongoing. Garza Palacios pleaded guilty to driving while impaired in 2015. He served a four month stint in jail after smashing windows on 16 cars and lighting a sofa on fire near a construction site."

Hmmm...well, I'm sure he was just a great guy when he had his visa, right?  Totally a nice neighbor, credit to society, flew the American flag, and all that. 

So, conservatives: if having a piece of paper that made his presence here legal didn't turn him into a great asset to the American nation, why do you think any paperwork does it?

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