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Politics with Pete (8/3/18))


Why Fox News??


A few days ago I was having lunch with some family members, two of which are very staunch Democrats and Trump haters. So I asked them "why do you hate Trump so much"? Their answers ranged from "bigotry, corruption, lying, among other things". However, when I asked them to give me examples of President Trump's "lying, corruption, and bigotry", they couldn't produce a single scenario.

So I asked where my dear family members received all their news, and their answer was unanimous, "well, we certainly don't watch Fox News".  I saw this as a profound opening. I then asked where did they get their news.  And what was ironic was none wanted to admit they watched MSNBC or CNN. Later on though they dropped names like Maddow, Blitzer. Reed, Matthews, Tapper, and Anderson.

The point in this is that most all Dem liberals form their opinions from news they receive from the left Dem media. When no one at lunch could offer a truthful and valid reason for their disrespect and dislike of our President, they started on the personal attacks against Mr. Trump and his family. It was hard to comprehend where their justifications eninated from. When one of my family members said he actually believed Michell Obama (Michael L. Robinson) was more beautiful than FLOTUS Melania Trump.  Their justification: "Michelle is on the cover of every fashion magazine, and that refugee from Czech land can't even get on one magazine cover". It was then I realized I was in very unfriendly waters.

Of course, being a conservative who believes in President Trump's accomplishment, I cited all the positive accomplishments of this man in just 19 months, mainly lower taxes, job growth, 4.1 GDP,  average of 220,00 jobs added every month, and 3.9% unemployment.  After a few short moments of silence from my family members the personal attacks against President. Trump and his family resumed, just spewing out their diatribes of hate. 

After 8 years of a spineless jelly-fish in our White House who put down our great country every chance he got we finally have a President that is putting America first. Of course he's bombastic, loud, opinionated, but take a look at what's doing and what he's brought to us in just 19 months. When I started to brag about 3.9% unemployment the only retort I got from my Democrat Socialist family members was, "Oh, you watch too much Fox."

As lunch was winding down I got my last chance to ask my favorite question: "OK, so what's the Dem's message for the 2018 and 2020 elections to persuade us to vote for your party?" At this point, two family members abruptly jumped up from their seats and vociferously said, "We're outta here". It was clear they had no message supporting their party. By the way, has anyone ever seen a happy Democrat Socialist?

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country and our troops. 

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