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Sasse and the Republicans

The latest statements from Sen. Sasse has caused an uproar among Republicans but I think many have yet to put all the controversies and conflicts of the Republican Party in to focus.
First, are communication differences. Senator Sasse has used Facebook and Twitter to his advantage in communicating with the public. Trump has done the same thing with Twitter. Both men tend to speak off the cuff when they are upset or are concerned about an issue. This is why they are seen as authentic and honest to their own perspectives. This is lost on people whom do not follow such social media.
However, Sasse has found himself in self in a digital torture chamber. He makes a slight attack on Republicans and the national television media puts a megaphone on it. Yet, Sasse has also criticized Democrat Sen. Corey Booker for sending campaign fundraising emails during a Judiciary Committee meeting and nearly no one knows about it. Sasse needs to be more cognitive of this problem when speaking to national news media outlets. What gets him the interview may not be the issue he should be talking about.
Second, there is an odd relation in how many engage and receive their news. Twitter is used heavily by Sasse and Trump and if you follow both of them, you get a context of their perspectives. However, many Republicans watch television news media and do not follow Twitter so they lose context of what is being said. Trump survives in this environment because he has attacked the news media for putting out slanted stories so people expect the news media to portray Trump in a bad light. For Sasse, however, the news media treats him kindly which make his criticisms of Republicans look like a coordinated attack between the news media and Sasse when it clearly is not. This puts Sasse in torture box between the right and left.
Third, Sasse is deeply frustrated with the US Senate in how it just stalls on legislation. Part of the problem is the filibuster and cloture rules which mask transparency. A senator can vote for legislation while encouraging it to be filibustered. A senator can also vote against a bill but make it pass by voting for cloture. The Senate will not give up this power but it is this very power which makes the Senate look hypocritical and puts legislation in gridlock. Sasse and Republicans should take the Senate to task on this.
Fourth, Sasse needs to stop with broad generalization of the political parties whether Republican or Democrat. Get to the specifics. The political parties are composed of thousands of volunteers engaging citizens in basic civics. Blaming them for the problems of the country is quite shortsighted. The real problem is non-partisan voters who think voting is the beginning, middle and end of politics, ignoring forums, fundraising, candidates and issues. There are many Republican organizations Sasse should appeal to such as the Republican Liberty Caucus, but he tends to speak in generalities which is a mistake.
Fifth, Republicans of the 21th century find themselves with not addressing old divisions. Lincoln did a lot damage to the country which is ignored by those lionizing Lincoln. Calling the Republican Party the Party of Lincoln annoys true conservatives and many libertarian-minded people who know history. This is why President Reagan said his favorite president was Calvin Coolidge. Sasse should keep this in mind but more importantly, so should many Republicans.
Sixth, I think Sen. Sasse as well as many Trump supporters, fail to understand, Trump uses Democrat tactics for conservative causes which is why liberals and progressives hate him. The news media gets upset with Trump calling them “fake news” but this did not start with Trump. It started with Obama and progressives calling Fox News, “Faux News” that is fake news. Trump’s tactics are often ugly such as his attacks on Jeff Sessions and his own personal problems, yet he marches on and gains respect. This is something Sasse and many others failed to comprehend.