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Is Donald Trump really obligated to help Puerto Rico after Puerto Rico was hit with Hurricane Maria last year?

Is Donald Trump really obligated to help Puerto Rico after Puerto Rico was hit with Hurricane Maria last year?

By Ron Bedell


All of a sudden Hurricane Maria that hit Puerto Rico last year is becoming an issue in the American election of November 6, 2018. Actually the Democrats will bring up anything whether it is Hurricane Maria or anything else against Trump to defeat the Republicans so they can impeach Trump. If the Democrats win control of the House and Senate this November and impeach Donald Trump, it will be the first time in American history that an American president was impeached for no constitutional reason at all and for trying to Make America Great.
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First, the Satanic New World Order Establishment is bringing up this Puerto Rican issue of last year’s hurricane that hit Puerto Rico (right before the November 6 election) for a reason. Donald Trump is doing very well with the Spanish vote in America. Trump has at least a 30% approval rating with the Spanish in America.


Second, Trump’s framing of his administration’s support of Puerto Rico in Hurricane Maria’s aftermath is one of goodwill, not obligation. Yes, Puerto Rico is a commonwealth of the United States but people living in Puerto Rico pay far less taxes to the IRS as compared to what Americans who live in America pay to the IRS. Check out this article:


Third, the mayor of San Yuan, Puerto Rico, Carmen Yulín Cruz, is a liberal Democrat who like all Democrats in America want Donald Trump impeached! However Cruz is being investigated by the FBI for obstructing critical supplies going to her own people. Check out these articles about Carmen Cruz:


Fourth, Donald Trump did help Puerto Rico.


Fifth, Puerto Ricans were warned at least one week in advance to get ready for Hurricane Maria.


Sixth, according to article one, section eight of the U.S. Constitution it is illegal for Donald Trump and the U.S. Congress to authorize and send money or any federal relief to any of the fifty states, and much less to Puerto Rico.


Seventh, apparently the globalists magically increased the death count from 16 to about 3000 over night to make it look like Puerto Rico had a major disaster and Trump was doing very little to help Puerto Rico.


Lastly, if you know you are in “hurricane alley” don’t you think it would be a good idea to get prepared for a possible up-coming hurricane instead of depending on the government which often fails the people? Obviously Puerto Ricans living in Puerto Rico were not prepared. Less than 1% of Puerto Rican households had flood insurance and about 50% were insured against wind damage.

Karl (Java Man) K.
Really, as if you didn't know Pres Trump PERSONALLY caused hurricanes Maria and Florence!!
Mr. White III%
Sadly, there are idiots on this site that believe that.
Carmen Grace
NO the DEMONcrats should all be locked u they created that cesspool, dilapidated infrastructure, refusing shipment of AID 2017 Hurricane maria, ppl died due to lack of water, food, etc..they lied abt the amt of deads. its all politics for them regardless of saving lives..
Ron Bedell
I agree.
Lewis Neidhardt
He is no more obligated to help Puerto Rico than he is to help Wilmington.