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Politics with Pete (10/11/18)

Here I come


 I have reached and surpassed my boiling point since the Kavanaugh confirmation started a few months ago. As I told my wife I was chomping at the bit, but I promised her I wouldn't say anything or write anything or attempt to blog even until the hearings were over and my  prediction came true that Judge Kavanaugh would be sworn in to the Supreme Court of the United States.

  Had I had expressed my feelings about the way the Democrat judiciary committee conducted themselves starting with Diane Feinstein and  Brett Kavanaugh did not receive the nomination successfully, then I would be have been accused of sour grapes. But now that it's over I have some comments for the people who vigorously attempted to destroy this fine man and his family. So here I come right at the Socialist Dems.

 It was so interesting to me the caliber of people on the Democratic side of the fence that spent the entire hearings on politically and personally attacking this fine man .  Let's start with Diane Feinstein.  This woman employed a Japanese spy  employed as her personal driver for over 20 years. During  those 20 years Sen. Feinstein's husband made millions of dollars brokering personal business deals with China. Maybe Feinstein even knew he was a spy, but hey, her husband made lots and lots of money.

 Let's move forward regarding Sen. Feinstein. Simply put, Ms. Feinstein received the letter months ago from PhD Ford containing allegations that the age of 15 she was sexually accosted by 17-year-old Brett Kavanaugh.  Sen. Feinstein, ranking member of the Democrat  panel  knew that she should have presented this letter to Chairman Sen. Grassley, to enter this letter into the hearings.  instead she decided to hide this letter to use if things started to get bad during  or after the hearings. 

 When it appeared  that things were being lost for the Democrats the letter from PhD Ford was then presented.  We all know what prevailed after that.  Now let's take a look at the character profiles  of those Democrats on the panel that viciously and personally waged  attacks on Judge Kavanaugh.

 Let's start with Sen. Cory Booker from New Jersey.  he openly admitted, and even wrote an article about that at the age of 15 he  sexually groped a young girl. Sen. Booker felt very proud about that conquest of his. And yet this  self-proclaimed Spartacus had the audacity to question a man who was falsely accused of  a sexual attack on a young girl 36 years ago, but never proven,  A woman who had no evidence  and no corroboration of the attack.

 How about dear old Kamilla Harris, the Democrat Sen. from California. It wasn't that many years ago that people never even heard of Kamilla Harris. Her rise  to notoriety came during her tryst with former  mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown, who was married and 30 years older than Sen. Harris. Yet she would have you believe her and accept her credibility while she attacked Judge Cavanaugh. Anyone see a little hypocrisy here? For my two cents Kamala Harris is a slut, nothing more.

I just can't end this blog without mentioning that great Viet Nam war here Dickie Blumenthal. Every time he spoke during the Kavanaugh hearings he bloviated about honesty and integrity. Did he really expect us not to remember how he lied to his constituents and the American people for several years . He kept bragging about his heroical exploits while fighting the war in Viet Nam. Only problem here is Dickie Blumenthal was never, ever, in Vietnam.

And what about Senator Blumenthal's moral character? He should have been investigated  for statutory rape when he was 31 years old and his girlfriend was 16. Yet he wanted all of us to believe Brett Kavanaugh was trying to rape a 15-year old 36 years ago.  WTF ! There was no evidence or witnesses willing to corroborate her story, but that didn't stop Dickie Blummer. 

The Socialist Dem Party is so stupid, that they knew they had no proof that Kavanaugh was even at the infamous party 36 years ago, however, with the media, Hollywood elites, and Schumer and Pelosi the Socialist Dems thought they could convince us all to rally against Justice Kavanaugh. And who paid for all the signs, shirts, and protesting? Soros of course.

Soros-funded groups are still protesting Justice Kavanaugh's appointment to SCOTUS. They're like a team that after losing a game remains on the field throwing insults and lies at the winners as if that will change the game's score. Do Socialist Dems realize how stupid they seem to the rest of us? Majority of these protestors still live in their parents' basements, and really don't know why they're protesting. It's really so sad.

In closing, if you think the Kavanaugh hearings were packed with evil Socialist Dems and Soros-funded protesters, just wait for the next round when President Trump replaces Gunner Ginsberg. Going to be a political blood bath. Someone tell Soros to get his signs and T-shirts ready.

And that's Politics with Pete for today.....God bless our country snd our troops.