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Politics with Pete (10/30/18)


Here comes the Socialists


The Socialist Party, led by Schumer, Pelosi, Booker, Waters, and Kamala Harris with just a few days left till the mid-terms are in a pure panic mode. They know their Socialist Party is in serious danger for House and Senate voters. They've already succumbed to losing the Senate, and continue to lie that the polls show they will take back the House. How'd those polls work out in 2016?

The Socialists are still laying on the canvas from the knockout blow they received from our President, Donald Trump back in November, 2016. They had no recourse and no method to combat President Trump's victory. The Socialist Party was, and still is, in the shock and panic modes. 

Then the hatred, lies, and impeachment threats from Mad Maxine began, and suddenly the Socialists became revitalized. Then the media and Hollywood elites started pouring it on.  If only the Socialist Dems had a message for Americans maybe  just maybe, some people would at least listen to them. It's apparent to everyone that the Socialist Dems have no message. So they resort to the only weapon they have in thie arsenal. Bitter, vile personal attacks and lies against the president and his family including his young son Barron.

Soon, the media, Hollywood elites, and the Socialist Dems that their spewing of their lies, hateful attacks realized it didn't move their needle at all. Our President not only pushed back twice as hard against these Socialist groups, he continued his string of accomplishments to repair the America that Obama tried to destroy.

Do these stupid Socialist think for a minute we're going to listen, absorb, and agree with the likes of Jim Carey, Caryn Johnson (Whoopi), Behar, Clooney. Oh yeah, after Antifa burns down an innocent American's business we're certainly going to switch our allegiance from President Trump to Bernie Sanders, Pocahantus, Biden, or maybe even Crooked Hillary.

It was clear to anyone with an I.Q. of ten or more that the Socialist Dems are more hopeful that Trump will fail more than they care about the success  and growth of our own country. Socialist Dems are fueled by their greed for power, and nothing else. I have been asking any Socialist that will talke to me, "What is your message to the American people"? I'm still waiting.

I was having lunch with my sister who proudly claims to be a Socialist Dem, and I politely asked her that we should have a civil debate on our political differences. Before she cut me off and threatened to "get up and leave" I asked her to give me a valid reason why she believes in Socialism so much. Not a valid answer, just threats to leave the restaurant.

So, to continue, when the media, Hollywood elites, and the Socialist Party realized that personal attacks and lies on our President and his family did nothing to deter the accomplishments and goals of Mr. Trump, guess where they went next? Yep, they started on us 63 million that voted for President Trump. I told my wife that her and I were Nazis, stupid, racist, deplorable, hillbillies, etc. Now of course the Socialists get away with it. What the Socialists haven't realized is these disgraceful rhetoric attacks just make us 63 million Trump supporters that much stronger.

Of course President Trump is caustic, abrasive, and sometimes arguementive. But he is a leader who's been getting things done. What did Barry Soetero do in eight years that we want repeated? And now the "threats" are starting up with our Hollywood elites saying they will move to Canada if the Socialist Dems lose the House and Senate next Tuesday.  On your way out don't forget to take Jim Carey with you, he's already a Canadian.

When are these over-hyped, self-indulgent, and over-rated idiots going to realize we don't care what they have to say? Oh yeah, after watching the Black & White Jabba-the-Huts I'm surely going to switch over to become a Socialist Dem. Really?

Our President Trump continues to shine through, working hard, and getting positive things done even with all these  groups spreading lies. That certainly says a lot, right?

The truth in all this is that the only message the Socialist Dems have is to stimulate their base to show hatred for our President in hopes to persuade the rest of us to come over to their dark side. Ain't gonna happen.

And that's Politics with Pete for today...God bless our country and our troops.