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Politics with Pete (11/02/18)

A fair media?


We've all spent time fantasizing. I do it a lot when I'm at the gym trying to get through my workouts, especially when I'm on the stationary bike. We all fantasize about so many scenarios throughout our lives. With full discosure, I am 83, and still fantasize that I'm 30 and don't need the "blue pill". Last week I told my wife about some of my fantasies. She hasn't talked to me since. But I digress.

Most recently, or really since November, 2016 my fantasies have been about the media. Now I'm not stupid enough to fantasize that the media would treat my President Trump and our first lady Melania the same way they treated Barry Soetero and his husband for eight years. It's almost laughable to even dream that.

But just what if, and that's a big "what if" the media started reporting their news fairly about POTUS and FLOTUS? The entire news media world are still reeling from their queen Crooked Hillary's loss two years ago, and it's no secret that ever since then the news reporting on President Trump and his family has been over 90% negative.

Another laughable issue for me that it's more than obvious that Melania Trump is more beautiful, more intelligent, and more giving than Barry's husband ever was and ever will be. Yet, for eight long years we had to endure Michael Lavaugn Robinson (aka Michelle) on just about every fashion magazine throughout the world. So why is it that our beautiful and intelligent first lady has yet to be on any fashion magazine's cover?

And ah, the press briefings, where Barry and his press secretaries were asked questions about what Barry and Michael had for dinner last night, did he enjoy popcorn with his daughters watching TV, what movies did they watch, and don't forget what his March Madness college picks were. The press wanted to know about his vacations that the American taxpayers funded.

Just imagine for a minute if the media would have just said, "well our candidate lost...let's move on and see what the new guy will do, and let's support him".  Now that's a fantasy in the first order. What if the media positively acknowledged our President for what he has accomplished? For example lower taxes, cutting EPA regs, 3.7 unemployment, 4.2% GDP, along with the lowest unemployment ever in the Hispanic and African-American communities.

Just today the monthly jobs report reflects that 250,000 jobs were created last month, and yet the hatred strongly continues.  ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and MSNBC are so much larger in numbers than President Trump, and they should initiate an "olive branch"for the sake of our country. The bare truth is that only hatred, not common sense, is fueling the Socialist Dems. 

President Trump loves the people of America; our military, our police forces, our vets, and middle America. He's a leader and a strong confident businessman that is exactly what we need after the horrific eight years the former weak-kneed and spineless man put us through. When you push someone like Donald Trump in a corner did the media actually believe he was just going to roll over? No, he retaliated by taking his message directly to the people by using the Internet.  

In addition he began highlighting the "fake news" from the media, especially CNN and MSNBC. With 90% negative reporting what did the media expect? President Trump is not asking the media to fawn over him like they did for Barry for eight years. It's fine to disagree with him and report it, but how about touting and reporting the positive things he has done for only two years in office.  Nothing good will come of all the hatred the media is throwing around.

Try being a little Christian for a change.

And that's Politics for Pete for today...God bless our country and our troops