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The Democrats did not win the U.S. House on November 6, 2018

The Democrats did not win the U.S. House on November 6, 2018

By Ron Bedell


To everyone,


Let’s make sure we understand the narrative and what really happened in the election of November 6, 2018.


The Democrats did not win the U.S. House last night! And their main issue was not “healthcare.”


The Republicans lost the U.S. House all by themselves.


Since Donald Trump was inaugurated on January 20, 2017, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the RINO Republicans have failed to stand with President Trump giving us zero reason to stand up for them during their re-election.


We need to clean house in our Republic Party. The time to working on the 2020 election is right now.


Democrats did not win because they had the right message. The only message the Democrats had was “resist and obstruct President Trump!”


But unfortunately a lot of Republicans had that same message.


Republicans refused to even stand on a stage with President Trump.


Republicans refused to vote for the WALL.


Republicans failed to repeal Obamacare.


Republicans thought infrastructure was too complex.


Plus 40 Republicans U.S. House members quit! Wow! When was the last time you saw 40 Republican U.S. House members pack their bags and leave in the same election? That exit of 40 Republicans left the door wide open for the Democrats to start picking up seats in the U.S. House. And, of course, the Democrats were well funded by billionaires from California and New York.


More conservatives must get involved in the 2020 election. Remember our enemy is not just the Democrats and RINO Republicans, but it is also the Fake News media.