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 I think most Americans care about "THE WALL" and how it became such a terrible or wonderful thing. 
 From my perspective; I think the American PUBLIC is interested in this outcome; AND California's voting practies.
 This week I saw the many posts concerning FRAUDULENT voting; especially in California, it was stated that over ONE & ONE HALF milion people that voted were NOT citizens; and other Democrat controlled states had similar numbers.
 THIS gives the necessity for President Trump's wall. Where are these fraudulent voters coming from?
 My synopsis is "these have infiltrated our nation from other nations". How? By just allowing them to come in on Visa's and overstaying, or by sneaking in with the drug smuhhlers, being brought in for child sexual prostitution and so many other ways. 
 Whet can we do about this? Do like All the central American nations and build WALLS to keep the many other nations out! Israel has walls; and they WORK! but America has politicians who like to win elections; so they do everything in their power to win; including to use voter I D 's of dead, dog & cat's names and even voting many times.
  (all these have been documented many times)
 My vote is to build President Trump's wall; how to make the voters effective?
 (If you like what Pres Trump has done with our economy, the rebound in employment of black people, of women, other minorities)
 1) tellephones; call EVERY Senator's & Congresperson's phone number and demand the WALL. (202-224-3121)
 2) call every person who voted for the President; tell them to build the wall.
 3) Call the conservative news outlets and tell them what we want.