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America's Path to Civil War

There’s a saying floating around America today that says “Guns are how civil war ends, Politics is how one begins”. So, what does all of this mean to the average American?

Throughout this nation’s history and with differing political parties, there have always been two or more parties who disagree on how this country is operated. None of them can put this question to rest on how the nation is to be run and who is ultimately put in charge, the President. And the problem is made even worse when political parties hate each other with a vengeance. Yet in the past, these parties have accepted the election results voted upon by this nation’s citizens, the people. That is what we typically call having a country. However, when folks decide to not accept election results, we begin to venture down a path towards civil war. It isn’t a question of “if” it will happen, but rather “when” it will happen. That day seems to be fast approaching in America, sadly to say.

This is something to not be taken lightly. After all, for most of the 242 years this nation has existed, it has put itself above the political fray other nations have experienced when there is a transfer of power in government. Political parties compete for this power in elections where one side wins and the other loses. Yet, historically speaking, people eventually unite around the President and supported him despite political affiliation. People realize they will have another chance to change leadership of the nation four years down the road. That’s the way it has always been.

However in 2016 something changed when Hillary Clinton ran against Donald Trump for president and lost the election despite winning the popular vote. Since that election, the losing party still refuses to accept the outcome of the election where Trump won the electoral vote but not the popular vote. The losing party fails to recognize the constitution did its job by awarding the presidency to Trump because it guards against regional population centers like California from electing the president and going against the will of other states, which would have been the case in the 2016 election absent of the electoral college. Trump won 2,649 counties to Clinton’s 503. The electoral college puts all states on equal footing based on populations. With all of this being said and one party in a severe case of denial, this nation is well on its way to civil war. This begs the question of what changed in this nation?

During the 2016 Presidential campaign, the Democrat party veered hard to the left with candidates who swallowed hook, line and sinker their own narratives of political correctness, identity politics, historical revisionism and felt they had the moral high ground of the American people. Subjective reality became their way of life and they pushed the real facts aside.

OK, you ask, what is subjective reality? In plain simple terms, it is pie in the sky thinking where saying is the same thing as doing, where every idea is equal to one another and trying is the same thing as achieving. It’s where an unrealistic world exists and feelings are what determine the value of things. So, if an individuals feels like Clinton should have won the election, then in that person’s mind she did win. And if that person feels Trump should have not been elected president, he is not your president.

Conversely, in an objective world and dealing with the facts, we all know Trump won the election and became our nation’s 45th president of the United States. Whether you like him or not, agree or disagree with his policies and actions or whether you voted for him or against him, he’s still the president. He’s still the president because you accept the outcome of the election whether you like it or not. Many Republicans didn’t like Obama when he was elected, yet they accepted him as president though they had many misgivings about him being elected. You may not like the individual holding the highest office in the land, but you must respect the office of the President if this nation is to last.

There are many today who do not accept the 2016 election results and behave in a way as if Clinton had actually won and Trump soundly defeated. If you are one who seems to believe this way, you are out of touch with objective reality and are actually a participant in the social break down of social order in America. This starts the clock to ticking for the countdown to civil war. So what caused this change from objective to subjective thinking?

During the last 45-48 years, there has been a tremendous shift in parenting and education in preparing our children for adulthood to something less identifiable in assuring the happiness of children. The happiness of children was no longer the result of their competence and achievement. Instead, happiness became a goal in and of itself. This resulted in the behavior patterns of our children being changed. If it feels good, it is OK.

It was in the 1970s and 1980s where we saw huge and confusing educational standards in our schools. This was a time where “feelings” replaced “facts” for what was deemed acceptable and unacceptable behavior in our children.

It use to be self-esteem was derived from competence and achievement. But now it has been replaced by artificial methods of feel-good talk. The building of a child’s self-esteem and protecting his feelings is paramount and the metric by with all things are measured.

The notion of “trying” is equal to “achieving” is another subjective reality way of thinking. This is where all ideas are equal to one another, where individual study is replaced by cooperative learning, where one receives a trophy for just showing up and the concept of winning and losing no longer exists.

It’s whatever makes your child feel good is totally acceptable and whatever makes your child feel bad is unacceptable. With this line of thinking, children who are socialized in a very artificial way do not learn the necessary social and coping skills nor have the experience to deal with loss and disappointment out in the real word. They are sheltered in a very controlled atmosphere.

The leftist attitudes towards this have allowed a destructive slide from being facts to feelings based. This has lead to a decline in desirable behaviors at home as well as in the class room; where the students control the class and not the teacher. Parents of children in today’s society have relinquished their parental authority to the “experts” and cratered in to the feeling-base advice. Children are then robbed of the skills needed to deal with disappointment and loss: things that happen in the real adult world of objective reality.

Today, we see a clash with the straightforward, authoritative parenting style of the grandparents to the leftist subjective reality of the children’s parents. These styles are at logger heads due to the indirect, tentative, helicopter parent involvement in the child’s raising. The word “NO” is never said to children these days. Instead, they are told to think of the consequences of their actions. We never hear a parent tell a child to stop whining. And God forbid on what would happen if a little applied learning were given to children on their backsides for misbehaving, being unruly, etc. As the Good Book says, “Spare the rod, spoil the child”.

Let’s use little-league baseball as an example. An old style sportscaster is calling the game and he falls instinctively into his roll of calling balls and strikes and providing color commentary. After three pitches, a young batter swings and misses each of them and is called out by the sportscaster. But the umpire says there are no outs in this game. The sportscaster looks amazed and asks why not? The ump says the children keep swinging until they get on base, no score is kept and all games end in a tie. What the heck is this all about? A baseball game with no outs, no errors, no walks, no score; that’s UN-American. That’s not baseball at all. Instead we’ll call it subjective ball game where all sit around home plate singing Kumbaya for feel good experience.

What this brief article is all about are the huge social implications that are truly serious where kids are raised in an unnatural manner where there are no winners or losers. This is why today young people think the 2016 Election was so unfair and should not be any different from the baseball game they grew up playing. So, why should the election be any different. Again, we have subjective reality taking place and it clashes head on with objective reality; the real world. They fail to see that "elections have consequences”. If the laws of the land are not followed, we have started down the path to civil war.

Children who are raised without limits have a lot of difficulty in complying with limits in life; including laws. And when children are disciplined, they are dealt with in an indirect, tentative, feelings-based way. They are never told “NO” and the problems are only compounded because limits have not been set.

It is when feelings take the place of facts and achievement the consequences are a generation of people who feel they are above the law, rules don’t matter, other people don’t matter and acceptable behavior goes out the window along with an orderly society

The young people today live in an alternative world of subjective reality and have no concept of what the real world is really about. Instead their feelings define identity politics we see all around us. This is the very foundation of the Democrat party since they are not dealing with reality. If one feels like a victim, it defines him as a victim. We see this victimization taking place all over the streets of major cities of this nation when certain groups of people are confronted by police.

In fact, the Democrat party has defined itself as a group of victims who embrace people of every color, age, religion, gender, sexual disorientation (That’s, right I meant this.) and socioeconomic group. The thing the Democrat party does not tolerate is anyone who has a difference of opinion or thinks differently. They do not recognize Trump as president because they dislike him so much and their feeling are more important than the real facts since they act as if he it not their president. The countdown to civil war keeps moving forward.

We now have a nation that has two generations who have been indoctrinated towards collectivism; where feelings take priority over facts. And the leaders of the Democrat party are purposely exploiting the young people via their leftist indoctrination produced through our public schools, colleges and universities. In essence, two generations of sheeple will eventually lead this nation into chaos.

There are groups like ANTIFA who thrive on chaos and refuse to accept the outcome of the last election or want other social change. They view themselves as social justice warriors. But in actuality, they have been duped into supporting the fiction of the leftist socialism. Their ultimate goal is to create divisiveness and chaos in our society to the point it becomes ungovernable. After all, politics make civil wars – not the guns.

President Trump is trying to take the nation back to when the Constitution was the law of the land. It’s where the results of the election are viewed as the will of the people and citizens accept the outcome whether they like them or not.

Conversely, the Democrats feel they won the election and that’s all that matters to them. They act as petulant children pouting to get their way.

The United States is at the precipice where we could fall into utter chaos because feelings were allowed to supersede facts; the rule of laws. Young people today need to realize that there are winners and losers in this world and they need to get use to that idea.