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Poliics with Pete 94/27/19)




Saturday, April 27, 2019

'cause the media says so


President Trump's scenarios have changed dramatically since 2015 when he announced he was running for the Presidency. Before his announcement this successful businessman was revered by all, including Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and even Barry Obama. In 2013 while Crooked Hillary was on the Okra Windy show Hillary stated that "someday, if Donald Trump decides to run, he would make a great President".

Crooked Hillary, the media, and the talk show hosts were overwhelmingly overjoyed when Donald Trump won the Republican nomination. The Dems very strongly felt their Queen Hillary was a definite shoo-in to become the 45th. President. And of course Hillary just poured gasoline on the narratives of CNN, MSNBC by promising her donor "friends" significant and important roles in her administration.

Andrea Mitchell from MSNBC was promised the Press Secretary's job. Huma Abedin was to be White House Chief of Staff. Rumors are Crooked Hillary, Slick Willy, and even daughter Chelsea dropping strong half-promises of important jobs and positions in her administration when she won. The media, Hollywood libs, and talk show hosts just ate up all her false promises by "guaranteeing" a November, 2016 victory for Hillary. Ever wonder what job Chelsea would have been given?

So, of course, the rolling stone of Hillary winning the 45th. presidency just kept gaining momentum with the strong help of the media. Thus the 2016 campaigned truly became the birth of "fake news".  Fake polls right up to election day wasn't as bad as the fake news after the election that is still being tossed around like water baloons at a children's picnic.

But I am not disheartened in the least. Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that the more attacks the Socialist Dems and their fawning media attack President Trump the more his positive accomplistments soar through the sky. Socialist Dems still believe their answer is to continue the personal attacks, believing they can win in 2020 They're like a last-place team believing they can replace the first place them by verbally attacking them instead of initiating their own original ideas. 

The media are all over the network viewing audience with quips filled with lies from high profiled celebrities given fake news platforms from the likes of CNN and MSNBC. I know of 63 million law-abiding Americans  that no one has heard from, so naturally Hollywood celebrities, CNN, and MSNBC actually believe in the 'Kool-Aid' they drink. And they truly believe that all Americans believe their lies also.

However, what really befuddles and stymies these hateful fake news groups is that they are not make any dents in the army of the 63 million supporters of President Trump. The Socialist Dems do not have a viable challenge for the 2020 presidential race, so their only road is to personally attack our great President. This frustrates them to no end.

There will be no impeachment, but the talks of impeachment will continue all through the 2020 campaign. I, along with 63 million other Americans are proud to be MAGA Trump supporters. And President Trump will win in a gigantic landslide in November 2019. 

And that's Politics with Pete for today. God bless our country and our troops.