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The globalists newest emphasis on socialism is not Biblical and it is not pro American

The globalist’s newest emphasis on socialism is not Biblical and it is not pro American

By Ron Bedell


Since the globalists have recently placed a very strong and serious emphasis on socialism, I thought I would also take a more serious look at socialism and explain why socialism is not Biblical and it is not pro American. The biggest promoters of socialism in America are the American TV media (national propaganda and local propaganda), secular colleges and universities, and last but not least the government itself (for example: Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez – AOC).


Everyone in the world (including unborn children) have God given rights (whether they know it or not). They have the right to Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness (property and money).


Most of us know by now that socialism is government sealing the wealth and the God given rights of the people.


Ok, let’s go to AOC’s congressional district in New York City and let’s hypothetically say that 70% of the voters in AOC’s district support socialism and those voters tell AOC to go ahead and raise their taxes to 70%. Question, “Is that still stealing, if the people say, yes, to a 70% tax?” The answer is, “Yes, it is still stealing!” It is still stealing because the people’s God given rights were violated whether they knew it or not. The people might not even realize they have those God given rights because they have been brain washed to think they don’t have rights. And, again, they were brain washed by the media, the secular school system, and the government.


Ok, here is another question. How much government do we need? America’s Founder’s established a limited and restricted form of government under the U.S. Constitution. The system of government that the Founders established did not include the 16th amendment, the IRS, and the Federal Reserve (America’s privately owned central bank). The Founders believed in less government, more individual responsibility, and with God’s help a better world. The Founders also established the Bill of Rights which tells the federal, state, and local governments, “These are the God given rights of the American people. DO NOT VIOLATE THEM! America’s Founder’s system of government wasn’t perfect but it was very Biblical.



Lastly, does Free Enterprise in its purest form really exist in America or anywhere in the world? The answer is no. (Free Enterprise; that is, total freedom from government to build a business, total freedom from taxation and regulation.) Total freedom from government cannot exist simply because man is a sinner and he is subject to violating the God given rights of others. Therefore that is the reason people establish government. Government was established to protect the God given rights of the people. If we lived in the perfect world where no one was a sinner, there would not be any need for government to protect the God given rights of the people.