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One Penny Too Many

One Penny Too Many!


On May 21st vote NO on the one penny sales tax in Osceola County, Florida (central Florida).


Here we go again. Democrats want more tax money from you. If you live in Osceola County, Florida, (central Florida) the Democrats are putting their hands in your pockets again. They want your money. Now they want a one-cent transportation sales surtax.


If this penny tax passes Osceola County will have the highest sales tax in the state of Florida, and yet Osceola County is not even the largest county in Florida. The following counties are larger than Osceola County: Dade County, Broward County, Palm Beach County, and Orange County.


Plus if this one penny tax passes it makes Osceola County businesses less competitive with businesses in other Florida counties.


If you notice most of the people promoting this tax are Democrats. There has never been a tax the Democrats don’t like. Of course the Democrats are going to scare you and try to turn this into a life a death issue as AOC is with the Green New Deal (Climate Change).


The Democrats excuse is, “We have to “fix the traffic” problem!


The reason these Democrats want this one penny tax is to “fix the traffic” problem. But Osceola County already has the money to fix the traffic problem. This traffic problem was created by government, not the people. This is the same old “song and dance.” Government creates the problem and government campaigns against the problem they create. Osceola County already collects enough money from county taxes. HOW MUCH MORE MONEY DO THESE PEOPLE WANT? WHEN DOES THE INSANITY (TAXATION) STOP! DEMOCRATS ARE NEVER SATISFIED! DEMOCRATS WILL COME UP WITH ANOTHER EXCUSE IN A YEAR OR TWO TO GET MORE MONEY FROM YOU.


Osceola County must learn to live within their means and stop creating excuses to take the people’s money from the.