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Arabs are scaring me.

I am a new yorker and i will never forget 9/11. I am scared of Arabs all the time since then. I am scared of their language, I am scared of their barbaric cultures and most of all, I HATE their religion! I hate their god because of what they did on 9/11. It is so simple, these barbaric arabs hate our ways of life and freedom.  I do not even like christian Arabs, Coptic Egyptian Arabs, Moroccan Jews or Yemenite Jews nor do I trust a blonde hair, fair skinned, blue eyes Arab from Palestine.  Atheist arabs are the worse because they don't believe in jesus god. I know god says to love all , but i just don't like arabs, I know christians are suppose to be my brothers and sisters, but is it wrong to exclude arab christians? Not after what they did on 9/11, you cannot blame me for feeling this way because after all it is their fault. 

The arab americans are the top worse as well.  How dare they say they are strong americans when it is clear they are using taqqiya to lie about their arab religion. Every time i pass by a hookah bar, i always wonder if that is really a hookah they are smoking in there or they are hiding a bomb in plain view? After all the 9/11 arabs did wear american clothes to hide in plane site too.

Abolish all Arabs, save america


 like this.
Doug Schexnayder
The Quran permits lying, even under oath, to "protect islam" (cult of allah)...
all the cultists are cultists 1st, not americans or egyptians or iranians...
understand that 1st and you understand (along w/1,400 years of inbreeding) that the vast majority are of one mind...sometimes in private...but of...
Frank Coll
You speak of Radical Islam as if there is any other kind...
Michele Pfaff
after 9/11 fear is very understandable - but I urge you to not let the fear turn into hate. There are evil people everywhere -killers,thieves, child molesters -if I let it take over my life I would probably never leave my bed. The only thing we can do is educate ourselves, keep our eyes open & surr...
Michele Pfaff
God preaches love to all of His children. And I truly believe that it is not for us to judge anyone. That is His job only.
Colleen Lindsey
Educate yourself. Read the Qur'an. It is peaceful in the beginning but not in the last teachings. Read "What Every American Needs to Know about the Qur'an. A History of Islam and the United States". Do not kid yourself, the "peaceful ones" support and provide for their warriors towards the goal of w...
John Dixon
There are zealots everywhere. Yes, Qu'ranic Islam in its purest form describes a totaliatrian adherence to an ideology that subjugates women, stifles free thought and leaves no room for people to believe in anything/anyone but Islam and their so-called prophet. Just as Biblical belief can be pervert...
Janet O'Brien
All you need to do is look at the nations that follow the word of our Lord and those that follow a false prophet. Radical muslims are angered by our prosperity and seek to see our Christian nation destroyed, and prove that islam is not a religion of peace. The sooner we wipe out these zealots the cl...
Kurt Swanson
Sad to say, the Qu'ran is based on and teaches violence. Most Muslims are ignorant of what Islam teaches and thus sincerely believe Islam is a 'religion' of 'peace'. They are sincerely WRONG.
Gina Williamson
It will only end when they love their children more than they hate us, this is what hollyweird and the liberals don't seem to understand
James Turner
You my dear have something beautiful between the ears.
Jerry Grimm
Go to Dearborn, Michigan! They have bought and paid off the City Administration! Ask Pastor Terry Jones!
Rennie Elliott
Do not blind yourself with hate, it will eat you out on teh inside like a cancer, use REASON to combat evil, if you let your emotions guide you they can manipulate you. They WANT you to be scared, that is the whole point of terrorism, to get us to surrender our freedoms because we are so scared, in ...

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