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The indoctrination of children by Obama

This is one of the blog entries I couldn't post when  TPC was down...


OK guys...this is something Bamboo Bob and I spoke about the other night and it needs to go VIRAL like right NOW. The Obama administration is more dangerous than you can imagine.

I know the images are somewhat small, but go to my blog posted below to see them larger, and you will NOT believe this assignment given to 11 year olds at a Missouri public school!  The kids were asked to decide who to let DIE (and to give reasons why they chose them) after a nuclear bomb attack when the fallout shelters only has enough food for some.  The kids were told NOT to bring this home, and NOT to tell their parents about this assignment under any conditions.

This is the first step in the brainwashing of children for OBAMACARE by having them decide whose lives are more valuable than others...whose lives are worth saving...whose lives are NOT...NOT to mention killing Grandma.

I do have the details but was asked to promise that ONLY the assignment would be posted now. As soon as I am given the go-ahead to release the details I will but remember, an assignment like this is asking children to play deem the worthiness of individuals...kind of like a page out of Hitler's eugenics playbook.
And remember they were told...for fear of punishment...NOT to tell or show their parents this assignment...thankfully, one child didn't listen.


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thomas rau
Wounder what God's thinking?
Diane Sori
Helllooo...the kids were told NOT to tell their parents or bring it home otherwise they would be punished...that is waaaay out of line.

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