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A Nation Divided

  Obama, the guy that once likened himself to Abraham Lincoln is taking the previous President at his word, only in a much different context. He knows that when ole "Honest Abe" said, "A house divided against itself cannot stand," he knew he could use that truth to further benefit the cause of , "Obama the Prevaricator",,,,that is to "Fundamentally Transform" this great nation by division and deception. There are few portions of American society that he has forgotten to include in his agenda to divide and conquer. Lincoln in his statement was attempting to save a nation, Obama in his ambition, is attempting to destroy it.

  Whether it be young vs. old, poor vs. rich, male vs. female, "Green Energy" vs. fossil fuel, Black vs. White, labor vs. business, or secular vs. Christanity, he has used them all at one time or another. In every major issue, there is a for or against. To use and take advantage of this philosophy is to make things he is for, his policy for his purpose. Any opposition to his policies are now labeled radical or politically incorrect at best. With this, he is accomplishing the desires of his heart.

  This "Occupier of the White House" has an agenda, AND IT'S NOT HONORABLE!  

  likes this.
Jonathan Rudd
He is full of bovine defecation. He definately as well as his minions have an agenda given to them, and they are doing there best to carry it out.
Jonathan Rudd
He does that. It befuddles me how ANYONE could vote for him. The bible says in the last days people will be blinded, and cannot hear the truth. Well, there are some people really drinking the koolaid...
Gary Geul
I started voting for president in the sixties and this man is the most of divisive president in my life

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