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Notes From Portigee Flat

Obama is currently campaigning in Minnesota for his gun control proposal, the basis of which is a national gun registration. If this bill passes through congress and becomes effective, the only accomplishment will be that those of us who live within the law will register our guns. Outlaws will not register their guns. Therefore, all that this bill will accomplish is to punish law-abiding citizens. The law breakers will continue with the status quo. Moreover, America has had gun registration for as long as I can remember, maybe not as defined as the current administration desires. But I recall registering a gun in Alaska in the 1970s. It may still be registered. I do not know. There is only one reason for an in depth gun registration: so that the government will know who has the guns and what types of guns. The current progressives in power seek more power and CONTROL. They wish to control all aspects of our lives. Sugar intake. Language. Religion. Education. This is an open list. Please feel free to add to it. There are schools in this country who moniter what parents place in their children's lunch boxes. Certain items are forbidden. What is happening to this country. We are being inundated with rules and regulations. People wake up before it is too late; the time has come to stop!

David Zuniga
Ron, 'gun control' is impossible, without violating the Constitution.

No, not the Second Amendment; I am referring especially to Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution, that authorizes only ONE kind of U.S. military ground forces: *the citizen Militia*.

Thus, when you hear arguments about magazine c...

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