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America, when will you be hungry enough?


Our wasteful spend spend spend government wants more money from you. They are cowards, they call it revenue now instead of taxes but know my brothers and sisters, revenue means money from you and your family. While you see smaller and smaller paychecks, your portions of food get smaller, your clothes a little more worn before you replace them and while the fat cats in our government spend that money, indeed waste that money, you must go on and work harder and harder for less. I say enough! Accountability is a word they will understand. One by one, government agencies must cut waste, consolidate and work for us, their providers, indeed by the US Constitution, their rules, and by it they must be held accountable to us. America, are you tired of being on a Ramen Noodle Budget? Will you continue to sweat and break your back for less? Will you bow to this government like a Chinese worker for a ration scoop of rice? When will it end? What do you need to impress on your mind that the only action that will work is to take your government back? Lay claim to what is yours by birth, the greatest nation mankind has ever known. Our government has become corrupted by corporations, special interest groups and anyone with a handout or hand up to these pandering politicians. We must be the ones held accountable if our system fails. We will be blamed by history by our inaction. Our children's lives deserve the advantage of our labors, not the burden of our failures. Conservatives and Liberals, when a family must face a challenge, there is no rivalry. A vote is not a voice any longer, a vote is not action, a vote is no use to a system that does not listen. Make them listen! Make them hear you! Make them follow or get out of the way! The future is but a place, a shining beacon of liberty and place a happiness, or a place where our only pursuit is more more more! Give them nothing! Not one penny more! Make them give us a receipt for what we are charged for, what service they provide, and if it is of no service, ask for a refund! America, when you be hungry again? Hungry for more? More from your government for what you give it, for what it is, a representation of you; when will you want more for your children?

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David Zuniga
Jerry, you're the kind of passionate leader we're looking for. We need you to JOIN AmericaAgain!, and recruit for the mission. If you're game, send me a private message or just join up and when you do, I'll contact you.

I want that passion in ACTION, not just typing notes on social media. JOIN US!...

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