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The Tea Party Community is a conservative hub for sharing ideas, unifying a movement and organizing strategies to keep the United States of America in her rightful place as the greatest nation on earth. "We The People - Don't Tread on US!"
The Heart Of America From School Boards To Corporate Boardrooms
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The Heart Of America From School Boards To Corporate Boardrooms

Tuesday, February 13, 2018 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm
South Carolina
United States
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<span data-text="true">Podcast is here: ~or~

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<span data-text="true"> 3/the-heart-of-america-from-school-boards-to-corporate-boardrooms

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<span data-text="true">LaTanya Peterson "I’m running to be your next Clay County School Board Member in District 1 because there's a troubling trend in education today - our community is suffering from a school system that doesn't meet the needs of the next generation. Technology may be improving, but there is no longer an emphasis on critical thinking skills or giving students tangible, hands-on experience for entering the workforce."

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<span data-text="true">Tamara Leigh Founder/Owner of Tamara Leigh, LLC, Engaging Your Audience to TREND ON You! I created Tamara Leigh, LLC to bring under one umbrella the broad range of my talents and services to meet the needs of clients on multiple Communications platforms

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<span data-text="true">Jason Fogg Managing Editor/Journalist/Partner at

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<span data-text="true">Dedication: Senior Chief Petty Officer Kyle Milliken. End Of Watch: May 5, 2017 Serving During U.S. Africa Command Operations.

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<span data-text="true">Southern Sense with Annie "The Radio Chick" Ubelis and "CS" Bennett. Informative, fun, irreverent and politically incorrect, you never know where we'll go, but you'll love the journey!

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