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Amazon Online Book Launch, PRO USA!
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Amazon Online Book Launch, PRO USA!

Thursday, May 17, 2018 2:00 pm - Monday, May 28, 2018 2:00 pm
United States of America
Hong Kong
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JUSTIN TRUDEAU, America In Danger!

The brave and startling book that blows the whistle on the vast amount of terrorists that Trudeau likes.  ISIS, Khalistani Sikhs, Hamas, Hezbollah, Tamil Tigers - the frightened people of Canada now joke, "He has never met a terrorist he did not like."  A people that never welcomed foreign domination, they poignantly joke, "America, send your tanks in to rescue us!":While America has been occupied with so many other issues, domestic and global, above them, the worst and most dangerous leader in Canadian history, Justin Trudeau, has been hatching his mad schemes to fly the flag of Islam in Canada.  Alleged to the son of Fidel Castro, he also has a brother whose career began in Iran, approved of fully by the anti USA regime there.

Please support us, as we are BANNED in Canada for trying to let the American people who grave this  increasingly loose cannon is, Justin Trudeau, called a hybrid between a traitor and a psychiatric patient.  His father is alleged to be Fidel Castro, and his mother has been in and out of psychiatric care all her life.

PLEASE look at the detailed wordpress site...

If links do not work, Google, many references, Justin Trudeau, America in Danger!

Then proceed to Amazon Create Space Books, Justin Trudeau, America In Danger!

Special Opening Price of $19.95 USA, roughly 250 pages, many pictures.




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