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The Tea Party Community is a conservative hub for sharing ideas, unifying a movement and organizing strategies to keep the United States of America in her rightful place as the greatest nation on earth. "We The People - Don't Tread on US!"
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TPC Monthy Expense Fundraiser

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NOTE: Although you can donate with PayPal, you don't need a PayPal account to donate. When you get to the PayPal donate screen, click on "Don't have a PayPal account" (Lower right side) It will then give you the option to donate with your credit/debit card.

You can also send contributions via mail.
Please make checks or money orders out to Political Innovations, LLC and mail to: Political Innovations, LLC P.O. Box 1902 Spring Texas 77383

Thank you for all of your financial support to help pay for our ongoing monthly expenses. We also appreciate your Patriotism and Commitment in helping us maintain an environment, that can have positive impact in the direction of our Great Nation!

The donations to Tea Party Community go directly to server expenses, 3rd party services and platforms, administrative costs, and continual upgrades to the site (including bugfixes). Our current total costs are running us roughly around 5k monthly.

For a donation of $25.00 or more, your account will be upgraded to a PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP STATUS. (Read what's included below)
If you are already a Premium Member, for a donation of $50.00 or more, you can request another members account to be upgraded to a Premium Membership. (post your request in the comment section below, or message an admin)
We are continuing to offer members who donate $100.00 or more, a $25.00 gift certificate to our TPC Gear Store. This gift certificate can be used by the donating member, or can be gifted to anyone they wish via email.

Current Premium Member benefits include: (More to be added)

Full access to instant message chat, chat rooms, and video chat

Premium member status on profile

Surf website on invisible mode

1000 = 1mb attachments/Uploads sitewide

Double the music file uploads 20mb

Half the cost to feature music, videos etc.

Auto approved Blogs

Auto approved Events

Auto approved Petitions

Auto approved Quizes

Auto approved Threads

Auto approved Polls

Auto approved News

Auto approved Pages

Auto approved Contests (half price to feature)

Can upload Videos (Auto approved)

Can remove friends block from their profile

Unlimited stored messages

Can feature their own petitions

Can feature their own photos

Can upload double the amount of photos at a time (20)

Can poke people who are not their friends

Can change vote on polls

Can send emails when sharing (50 per hour)

Can change user name (unlimited)

Can change email address (unlimited)

Receive double the views/clicks on all advertisements placed through our ad system

Discounts on  merchandise at our TPC Gear Store.

Open a store on TPC at discounted rate (coming soon - July 25th)

List Auctions for FREE

Location: Houston,Texas, United States

Jim Fishback
Is this Donation one time, once per year or monthly???
Carolyn Dorsey
Tim Selaty Sr.
Thank you Carolyn, Done!
Travis Griffin
I have a "Premium Member" status on my profile, yet I do not have access to auctions. Are things being changed or under maintenance?
Tim Selaty Sr.
We're having a few issues to fix on the auctions. it should be ready in the next 48 hours. Thank you for your patience.
Travis Griffin
No sir, thank you for the clarification. Much appreciated, considering everything else you have going on.
Marilyn Coddington
So thankful for a community of people who care about what is happening in our country and brave enough to post things hidden.
Tim Selaty Sr.
Ok I see what you mean, Renee. Unfortunately, I don't have control over that specific graphic. I have added in the description text that you can donate VIA PayPal or credit card. Apologies for any confusion.
Smoofie Halvorsen
I have made my $50 donation and do not see a premium member on my profile status. How long does it take to show up? And Thank you for this site, even if I say stuff people take out of context, I can't really help that. But I love this place. Its a haven for me.
William Lessard
Glad to donate when I have the extra cash to squeeze out.
Alfred Witt
If you donate anonymously, will you still get the premium status?
Lisa Alabama
Alfred Witt
Tim Selaty Sr.
Anyone who wishes to donate anonymously and still receive the account upgrade, please message me and let me know it was you who donated, and I will manually upgrade the account.

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