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The Tea Party Community is a conservative hub for sharing ideas, unifying a movement and organizing strategies to keep the United States of America in her rightful place as the greatest nation on earth. "We The People - Don't Tread on US!"

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To manage your profile, go to the Profile tab on the main menu.

Change Your Profile Pic
• Go to Profile-->Edit Profile Pic
• Click “Browse” to search your computer for a .jpg, .gif or .png image to upload.

Select the image you want and click “Upload Picture”.
Edit Your About Me, Interests and Details
• Go to Profile-->Edit Profile
• Enter what you want and click “Update”.

Customize Your Profile
Go to Profile-->Customize Profile. Here you will see the profile designer where you can design your profile. You have various options to change the look and feel of your personal profile page.

How to add a background photo to your profile:

1. Find an image you want at a place like photobucket, at least 1500 x 1300, and get the URL of the image.
2. Go to 'Customize Profile' under the profile menu item.
3. Choose 'Advanced' in the design menu on the left.
4. Place that URL address in the area established for it when you opt to change your background.
5. Save your work,

OR you can

1. Open an album (you could name it background)and set it to be viewable only in your profile.
2. Upload the photo you want as a background into that album (if you want it to fit the whole page, it needs to be sized to at least 1500 x 1130)
3. View the photo and on the right side of the viewing page you will see a URL address for the photo. Right click and copy the address.
4. Go to 'Customize Profile' under the profile menu item
5. Choose 'advanced' in the design menu.
6. Place that URL address in the area established for it when you opt to change your background.
7. Save your work.

You can use smaller photobucket images and tile them too. If the image is big enough to fit the screen, select no scroll to keep it from duplicating and to make it look like just one image stretched across the screen And there you have it. You now have a photo in the background of your profile.

How to make your Profile background show through your boxes
Here's how to make your background show through your menu and whatever boxes you want it to show through on your Profile page.

1. Go to Profile - Customize Profile
2. Click on Advanced Page 4.
3. Then Click on the thing you want to show your background through, like Menu.
4. Find the Box on the right that says Background, it will have boxes below it for color, url, etc.
5. Click the Color box and it will open up another little box with colors and boxes in it. At the bottom of this box, on the right, you will see a small box with #ff000 or something like that, next to it will be a blank box and next to that will be a box with a color in it. Click in the blank box, which will make the background change to transparent.
6. Do this for each thing you want to change so you can see your background through it.
7. Click Save!

That's it. Smile
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Chris Bowen
What are the dimensions for cover photos for profiles and pages? Thanks.
Dale Kirkley
980 x 653 on my screen
Lora Ledlow
I have done all this and still no luck..I dont want to change my security settings,could this be the problem?
Thomas Lee
I would like to use a different display name. Unfortunately, there is no way to change this.
Susan McKee
Thomas, it looks like you can change you name three times.......

https://www.teapartycommunity. com/gettingstarted/a...
Thomas Lee
Why not support HTML tags like bold, italics and underline. Rich text is something that FB does not have and it could be a major inducement to new members.
Teresa Smith-Garner
I'm still looking for the HELP CENTER - for all questions - is that what this link is for?
Adrienne just Adrienne
If you find it Teresa lemme know...I'm new here and I am LOST......fumbling around making little headway....I need a VIDEO of instructions I guess....Thanks Adrienne
Teresa Smith-Garner
If we change to TIMELINE & can we change back, if we don't like it?
Lilly C
Yes Teresa... you can change back and forth as much as you want to.
Kay Baker
How can I change my posts so my full name does not appera? I see many with internet handles vs. their full name so where is this tool ir instruction?
Cherry Queen
I want to know the same thing, did you get an answer to this?
Thomas Riffe
I believe that people simply register with a false name or handle. I cannot find it either.
Adrienne just Adrienne
YES!!!! That's what I need Kay....I'm new here and a bit confused.....I would like to change my full name to a screen name.....Thanks...Adrienne
Tony Harris
Hey, so my edit avatar changes won't stick. Do you guys have tech support?
Zenith Merrill
Good morning,
I'm trying to upload a background graphic, but can't find anything to click on or command to "open an album," which is what the instructions tell me to do. Where are these mythical albums?
Jean Baker
I'm not sure this is the right place to ask this but I don't know where to ask so here goes...
1. Why do only some of my comments (not reply) show up on my profile page?
2. I'm not sure how to write this but here goes, the light blue line under Tea Party Community (at the top of each page)where it say...
Jean Baker
Does anyone answer the questions?
Mario Elocio
Not sure, could be the settings for the user on whose page(s) you made your comment.
Lori Smith
OK, I guess I'm an idiot...I set my profile to community, doesn't that mean anyone who is part of TEA Party community can see my wall and anything else I set with that? I'm getting a complaint that my profile is private.
Rafael Esteban Tirapelli
i want to change my Profile URL to the same one i use on facebook, it's posible to do so?
karen mccombs
I am having trouble uploading a new profile pic. I want to load one but not have it run on the main feed. Can I get some help with this? And when I edit a pic, it removes it completely.
Sue D
How hard is it to just put a huge HELP or FAQ section??? Whats the reason for NOT doing that?? Its so frustrating to have questions, and NO answers. Very discouraging.
Adrienne just Adrienne
Amen sister.....having the same problems.@ Adrienne
Sassy Lady
Very frustrating trying to find help - and the instruction to set a background on our home pages are too complicated. Can't we just do the same thing FB does...just like we do our profile picture?
Marie Boccia
My cursor jumps all over the place! How do I stop this? This is getting very frustrating!
dave dave
How can I change the theme on my profile?

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