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The Tea Party Community is a conservative hub for sharing ideas, unifying a movement and organizing strategies to keep the United States of America in her rightful place as the greatest nation on earth. "We The People - Don't Tread on US!"

Create a Page/Group

Tea Party Community welcomes your pages.

How Do I Create a Page?

  1. Click "Create Page/Group"

  2. On the upper right of the page, click Create a Page.

  3. Click a tile that most closely describes your page.

  4. From the Choose a category drop-down list, select a category type.

  5. Enter the name of your page in the Name field.

  6. Click Get Started.

  7. Continue creating your page by entering the information for each of the numbered steps (1-6). As you complete each step, click Update to proceed to the next step until completion.

Note: If you don’t want to automatically go to the next step after each step completion, click the After Updating drop-down to select View this page.

See all getting started diagrams below.

Find the quick action link area on TPC home page, as pictured below.

Choose your page type.

Choose your page category as pictured below.


Step 1. Info and Customizations


Step 2. - Page Information
For quicker page approval, be sure to add a description of what your page is about here.

Step 3. Adding your avatar image

Step 4. Adjusting your page permissions
You can choose from many different permission options on how you would like people to be able to interact with your page.

Step 5. Inviting your friends

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Frank Benlin
How do you invite people to like your page?
Letmypeoplego Bobama
How do I as an admin confirm my page? I joined threw Fb. I went to my email didnt see a confirmation email.
Jacob Brown
Have you found this out yet? Help please!!
David E Coffill
When I attempt to view my created PAGE from my account it says that I don't have a page *but I do!
Jacob Brown
Have you figured this out yet? I'm trying to create a page.. running into the same issue! Any help would be appreciated.
Barry Foster
My posts seem to register twice each time I log one in. How do I delete a single articl or a single post.
Cathy Giancola
Mine too. Why is there no ability to delete my own posts, or as Admins, we should be able to delete all posts.
Lilly C
My posts are showing up as doubles also. And I see no way to delete any post. Agreed that as Admins, we should be able to delete any and all of the posts!
Cathy Giancola
timselatysr or anyone - my page was approved, but is there a place I can go to that give me a quick "How To" design page? I see I can get the code for the Like button, but I can't figure out how to put it on the page. I can put the page into edit mode and see the column blocks but can't figure out...
John K
i too am having difficulty saving the like page to the header block, I would also like to create a join button and import gif's any followup on this Cathy?
My question is the same as Billy McCoy's:
My page says it will not become public until an Admin approves it...Who is the Admin and how long does it take?
Since I'm admin of the page I first thought that maybe I did not finish something in creating the page, but since I've completed everything (I think...
Anita Allen
If I make a page, will it accept word docs, excel doc, pdf? Just wondering if I have to cut and paste text.
Thanks. It would be great if TPC could have spell check. LOL
Max Pate
Forgive my ignorance but what is a page for and why would some want one? I thought TPC was a place to share ideas with like minded people already.
Lilly C
You can create a page to have a smaller group/sub-community of like-minded people. In this way you can discuss ideas in a smaller setting than out in the main feed or on someone's wall.
Becky Vreeland
Since I am extremely interested in Bible Prophecy, I created a Bible Prophecy - End Times Page. It has been very well received as there are others like me. At the top of the home page, click on PAGES on the blue bar and check it out. I didn't know what a PAGE was until this past Sat.
Chuck T.
A page is a place to promote a specific topic, place, person, etc. Put the word on it out there and everyone can check it out, and you can (or should be able to - I'm still waiting for some assistance on that) put all sorts of additional info: videos, photos, links, etc
Lilly C
I'm having problems inviting people to my page. I go through all of the steps: --> manage --> invite --> select friends --> hit the INVITE button.... then the system waits for a moment, blinks and just takes me back to the info area for my page. I get no message saying invites sent and I get no erro...
Sylly Wabbit
I can't delete inappropriate comments from the page I created. I would think as page owner, that would be a mandatory function.
Becky Vreeland
I can delete posts on the THREADS linked to my PAGE but there is no 'delete' on the main Page??? Also when I HIDE posts on the PAGE, they don't stay hidden and clog up the page. These are all the posts made on the threads which show up on the main page.
Becky Vreeland
When I try to customize my Page, there is no ADVANCED SETTINGS
Becky Vreeland
Can anyone explain what a WIDGET is?
Don Sheen
My question is as a few of the above. I created a page and it says that it will not become public until Admin approves it. I am the Admin. How do I approve it or is it talking about the TPC Admins?
Mitchell Meyers
So if I have a blog on say wordpress, can I create a page here and post entries to my blog on my page?
Wade V. Corbeil
How do I confirm my Page?
Ed Novak
How do I delete (dissolve) a page that I created? It's not needed any longer.