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Placing Ads

Creating an Ad on TPC is very simple.
There are 2 types of ads you can create.
You can create a single image Ad, or an HTML Ad.
You can choose "Upload an Ad, when using a single graphic, or choose "Create an Ad" if you wish use a small graphic with your own accompanying text. To get started, from TPC home page, click the "Advertise" link on the top navigation. (as pictured below - click images to enlarge)

Click the "Create Ad" button (as pictured below)

Select your Ad placement

Available placements, sizes, and cost. Click on the placement dimensions to inset the desired position and size. eg. (240x120) (see below graphic)

Prices subject to change

Create a standard HTML Ad

Choose your ad position, then fill in your Ad title; body text (description), and then choose your image. This image will be a small display left of description text. (as shown in "Example Ad")

TPC standard HTML Ad

Create a single graphic ad. (Upload Ad)
Simply select your Ad placement, image and destination URL

(as pictured below)

Next Step - Ad Targeting (as pictured below)

TPC Ad Targeting

Last Step - Campaigns and CPM Pricing

1. Name your Ad campaign.
2. Choose how many impressions you would like to purchase for your Ad.
3. Choose the date you wish to have your ad begin showing on TPC
4. Submit your Ad for approval

CPM is cost per thousand views
Impressions are how many total views your ad will receive
We charge between 4-10 CPM for most Ads, depending on location and budget.
(see below diagram for more details)

TPC Ad campaigns and pricing

Click here to learn how to track your ads in your TPC Ad Dashboard

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