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The Tea Party Community is a conservative hub for sharing ideas, unifying a movement and organizing strategies to keep the United States of America in her rightful place as the greatest nation on earth. "We The People - Don't Tread on US!"

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All TPC Members can be upgraded to become a "Premium Member" for a financial contribution of $25.00 or more per year.

Note: Members are upgraded automatically within 10 minutes or less from time of donation.

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Donor Profile Stars:

Members who have donated $25.00 - $49.00 will display a "Bronze Star" next to their profile name.

Members who have donated $50.00 - $99.00 will display a "Silver Star" next to their profile name.

Members who have donated $100.00 or more will display a "Gold Star" next to their profile name.

(Read what's included below)

Current Premium Member benefits include: (More to be added)

Full access to instant message chat, chat rooms, and video chat

Premium Member status on profile

Surf website on invisible mode

1000 = 1mb attachments/Uploads site wide

Double the music file uploads 20mb

Half the cost to feature music, videos etc.

Auto approved Blogs

Auto approved Events

Auto approved Petitions

Auto approved Quizzes

Auto approved Threads

Auto approved Polls

Auto approved News

Auto approved Pages

Auto approved Contests (half price to feature)

Can upload Videos (Auto approved)

Can remove friends block from their profile

Unlimited stored messages

Can feature their own petitions

Can feature their own photos

Can upload double the amount of photos at a time (20)

Can poke people who are not their friends

Can change vote on polls

Can send emails when sharing (50 per hour)

Can change user name (unlimited)

Can change email address (unlimited)

Receive double the views/clicks on all advertisements placed through our ad system.

Discounts on merchandise at our TPC Gear Store.

Open a store on TPC for free and sell at discounted final value rate. (coming soon)

List Auctions for FREE and only 4% final value fee instead of 8% (coming soon)
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3 Ratings
©jOSEF™ bEnghazi
How do I sign up to become a Premium Member. Where? Where is the link?
Katrinka Yobotz
"Donate" tab up at the top.
Alisa Kurtz
I wish I could donate 25 a month but sadly can't if I did it would be 5 a month
Tim Selaty Sr.
We appreciate the donations only out of what you can spare. We know times are tough for everyone.
David Castellano
I'm reading that it is min 25 a I wrong here?
Allan Pederson III% USMC (R
I had a friend block me, after she misunderstood what I said. How can I remove that block?
Kyra Brosnahan
Your friend has to remove the block as he/she did it on their end, Assumptions and misunderstandings can cause more issue when jumping the gun -- it happens to the best of us.
Harry Krentz
Not to be picky, but after several months in a row of $25 donations, my star is only bronze in comment sections. I see others are gold. Why is that?
chuck groscost
i donated 50.00 total and my star is still bronze,why
Ralph Cramden
As of this month I have sent $75.00 and still sport a bronze star. Not complaining, just curious. I'm going to send more as I can regardless.
David Boarman
Are premiums only valid for a month? Or once you donate, you retain the premium rating?
Donnie Eatmon III%
So, how do you become a Premium Member? Do I click on the Donate Icon on the right??
Ron Yeary
Been a member since 2013 and never had to block anyone till now. How do I do it? Looked everywhere for instructions. Can't find 'em.