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The Tea Party Community is a conservative hub for sharing ideas, unifying a movement and organizing strategies to keep the United States of America in her rightful place as the greatest nation on earth. "We The People - Don't Tread on US!"

Banned Account

About Banned Accounts

TPC Banned Accounts

Member accounts that display the "BANNED" logo above, have been IP banned and can no longer access TPC.

Possible reason an member's account may have been banned

Pornography: Any member who posts any type of pornography will be banned immediately and indefinitely.

Threats: Member's account may be banned, or restricted without warning for any type of veiled death threats, or illegal speech. Direct death threats against any TPC member(s), or an elected official will get you banned forever, and proper authorities notified.

Restricted: Member's account may be banned for having multiple ( 3 or more ) Account Restrictions within a 30 day (or less) period.

Foreign or Suspicious IPs: We reserve the right to ban a member's account if we confirm that the member's IP originates from a foreign country, or is a proxy IP.

Banned Accounts will:

1. Automatically have it's associated IP banned.
2. Automatically have it's password reset.
Automatically have a "BANNED" logo replace current avatar.
4. Automatically have all custom preferences reset to default.

Banned member accounts can appealed at:

To avoid account restrictions or banning, we advise all members to familiarize themselves with our Rules/ToS, that were agreed upon when signing up.
Click here read our ToS.

We reserve the right to change/update this page at our sole discretion. Last updated - 9-1-13
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2 Ratings
Tirdad Conservative.
Thank you to all Manageres of TPC. God bless you all.
©jOSEF™ bEnghazi
Amelia Stanley Trump Train
How does one find out if they are banned, I can't get on so I suppose I am..but I think I deserve to know why..
Paul McCord
I don't think you were, there are just some problems that have been cropping up around here lately.
Chuck T.
I just read a comment that a "new site" is being developed. I haven't heard anything about it. Can someone explain?