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How to cancel my TPC membership

Please see the following screen captures with instruction on how to cancel your account.

Cancel account step 1

How to cancel account step 2.
  • September 13, 2013
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Fernando Fernandez De Landa
I want to Cancel My Account,so I did it severals times,but the Cancel Acoount Option,Do Not Appeared at the end of the Acoount Settings,as it should.I already send two messages to you guys to Cancel My Acoount but I didnt get any answer..So Can you tell me how can I get My Account Canceled...Thanks....
Leslie Thompson
I am also having the same problem
john dement
please respond, I wish to cancel my account as well but the account option does not exist.
Irate Woman
The Cancel Account Button is NOT there!!! Being Held Hostage by TPC.
Hal Smathers
Can't be undone my butt, it can't be done at all.