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Timeline View

To switch from a "profile wall" to a "profile timeline" layout when you or others view your profile:

1. Click on "Profile", then "Edit Profile".

2. Scroll to the bottom and change the selected option of "Landing Page" from "Wall" to "Timeline".
  • November 19, 2012
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Pierrick Miston
I am using the time line feature on my wall..Does anyone know how to stop the COMMENTS I make on others' post from appearing on my wall each and every time I make one....I comment often and I really don't want my comments to clutter my wall.
missez smith
I am looking for the answer to that question too!
Karen Chambers
I don't know how to set a default for the posts you are talking about; however, (and you probably already know this) if you go to your timeline and hover over the post in question, there is an "x" in the top right corner. Click to delete.
Teresa Smith-Garner
As a researcher, I don't mind having my comments sent to me, b/c I like to keep records of my interaction, but maybe they could be kept *off site,* so to speak, but still accessible.
Cathy Giancola
What are the differences between Landing Page, Wall and Timeline.
Hans Marsen
Landing page is where you will land when you enter the site. You can choose to enter via your wall or the timeline. The Timeline is where you will see YOUR entries and the wall is where other folks as well as your stuff are posted. If I visit you I will see the Timeline.
Bill Given
I can not switch my landing page to timeline. Only option I have is Wall or Profile. Anyone know where I can get help?
rene gallahan
how do i go from timeline back to the general wall. staying just on my own timeline is restricting;HELP
Keith Eastep
I don't like the Timeline view. I wish the Landing, Timeline and Wall were all the same, showing the cover photo at the top. Also, I can't upload photos. Safari says the page is invalid.
Pam Schomacker
You might try firefox, Safari doesn't always play well with online programs - I've given up on it myself....
Trumpville Report - Mike Du
I'm having trouble uploading the main picture too.