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Creating Polls

How Do I Create a Poll?

1. On the header menu (near the top of the page), click Polls.
2. On the upper right of the page, click Add New Poll.
3. Enter information for the required fields of Question and Answers.
Note: Click the “plus” button to add another poll Answers field(s) if needed. Click the “minus” button to delete any blank poll Answers field(s).
4. Enter the verification code for the “Captcha Challenge” near the bottom of the page
5. Click Submit to submit your poll. If you are not ready to submit, click Save And Design this Poll to return to work on it later.
It’s that easy!

You can customize your poll by selecting your preferences in the Additional Options area. If so, ensure that you click Submit or Save and Design this Poll to not lose your Additional Options preferences.
Tea Party Community welcomes your polls!

Thank you to Michael McNeil for creating this TPC Knowledge Base article.

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You can submit them to us right here in the comment box.
Thank you for your help and support!
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