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Creating Petitions

How Do I create a Petition?

1. On the header menu (near the top of the page), click Petitions.

2. On the upper right of the page, click Create a petition.

3. Enter information for the required fields of: Target,Title, Petition Goal, Short Description, and Signature Goal.

4.Click Create Petition to submit your petition.

It’s that easy! You can customize your petition by selecting your preferences for Categories, Target Emails, Main Description, Petition End Date, and Privacy. In addition, the Main Description area provides tools for inserting a photo or personalization via a formatting toolbar.
You can enter a list of emails, (in the email field) to send the petition out to.

Tea Party Community welcomes you to create a petition! Smile

Thank you to Michael McNeil for creating this TPC Knowledge Base article.

Please feel free to contribute to this article with more written material, screen caps and videos. This will help all new TPC members to easily learn how to our community website.
You can submit them to us right here in the comment box.
Thank you for your help and support!
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Joseph Wertzberger
If only a petition to extract Obama from White House. I'm sure he and his crowd laugh each day at the "stupidity" of the American people.