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Adding Photos

Adding Photos

There are two ways you can add photos. The dashboard link, “Upload a Photo”, or in the Photos section, “Upload a New Image”, which you access in the Explore menu (found on the Main menu).

Once you click one of those:
• You will see two boxes, one to select an album for your photo and one below that with browse
next to it.
• You can select one of the albums already made for your pic or make one of your own.
• After that click Browse and a screen will come up that will show your computer stuff.

You need to know where on your computer you have your photo stored, and the name of the photo and click on that folder to find the photo if it isn't listed on the screen already.

• Once you find your photo and click it, click open.
• Click Upload
• Now you can give your image a title, description, etc like the boxes say.
• Click Save at the bottom when you are done putting stuff in.
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0 Ratings
Beth Heerding
Does not work. Keeps saying Safari can not open link when I hit the browse for photo button.
Roo Dawg
Same thing happening to me, did you fiqure it out?
Kimberly Turnage
I get the Safari msg too on my IPad.
Joe Hughes
I've tried several different ways to post a profile pic. The pic is under 400kb. I keep getting the pic was uploaded successfully but it still shows the default blank image??? Perplexed!!
Connie Gordon
Same here!
Susie Q
Guess I might like to add one even upside down, how did u get that far. I'm with others , my IPAD doesn't allow me to link
Roo Dawg
Anyone know how to add a picture? I keep getting message that safari can't find page when I try to add pictures
Betsy Clark
Will not configure pics. They show up in my pictures but when you click on it to enlarge it just shows up black. Any ideas?
Tracy Zimmerschied
The smallest (memory) picture I can find is 1.2 mb!! Can you up the memory capability, please?
Stiletto Cowgirl Sherry
I have loaded many pic with no problem, however I am doing it from my laptop and I am on google chrome. not sure if that is making a difference or not. I am also loading .jpg images
Kimberly Turnage
So, I must get on my husband's laptop to do customizing then back to my IPad for surfing, huh? Can we get a little better process TPC?
Debra Heathman
It could be allot more fun .
no problem uploading, but can't remove picture; anyone know how to remove a photo?
Gloria Mitchell
If you move your cursor up to the right a bit you should get an X that you can click to delete.
chet napier is online.
having problems uploading pics too im using opera
Violet Quinlan
Everytime I try to edit my photo it disappears....also can't see them if you enlarge them...they go to the right hand corner......
Liberty Freedom
The ability to upload from iPad or iPhone is not available. Could you please add this function in next update? Thank you.
Debra Heathman
Could TPC get a share button on news feeds from articles on the web to share over here ? ...
Gloria Mitchell
I wrote to Breitbart to ask if they could do this but got no response. I assumed it was the news site that had to do it. I'm sick of copying and pasting links.
Lynn Stanley
That would be helpful as I can't figure out how to do that
Gloria Mitchell
Under the explore menu I don't even have an upload image option. I'd like to create an album.
William Curry
These directions are a joke!!
Keith Eastep
I'm on mobile iPhone, and can't post a photo. I tried going to the Full Site, but that didn't work. This TPC site is complicated. When using my Chrome browser, I keep getting warnings from Google about the sites security certificate. So, I go back to Safari. Still can't post a photo. When I tap "cho...
bobby shahan
it won't accept pictures fro my camera anymore, are they too big???? i have it set at the lowest possible setting??
Jeff Bryan
I cannot figure it out on my iPad either, guess I am doing something wrong!
Susan Knutson
Was able to upload my profile pic, but it won't let me upload a pic for my cover photo. What's up with this?
Art Thompson III%
Can I send an image to my album by email?
how do you post a picture from the internet? Copy photo? copy link address? Copy image address? none of these?