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Nita's Nest, Groton, NH. 

I have been keeping and breeding birds for over 40 years now, and my goal has always been to raise the best birds I possibly can.  I love handfeeding my babies and believe in quality over quantity.  Birds raised vary, but currently include Timneh African Greys, parrotlets, budgies, and gouldian finches. When I have babies, I often do "diaries" of them on my website, where you can watch them grow, day by day.

 I also make bird toys and swings, and use only SAFE materials.  These are the same toys and swings I make and provide to my own kids.   I have an etsy shop where these are offered: Nitas Nest Creations

Please understand that I do not allow anyone into my bird room - this is NOT an open shop.  Rather, when birds are available they are advertised and seen by appointment.  I also do NOT ship my birds.

My website lists available birds as well as my policies, including guarantee.  There are also informative articles on various birds as well as a Beginning with Birds basic care guide. You will also find email links on my site where you may contact me directly.