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Bryan Nations
Petition the Department of Defense to Arm our Troops
Created by In Laws-Bills
0 signature(s) - 8 like(s) - 11 view(s)
regulations “restrict the authorization” to carry firearms. Our troops: fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, brothers, and sisters are no safer than “fish in a barrel.”
M Steven Gronka
Qualify for Elective Office Test on Constitution, Bill ...
Created by In Congress
179 signature(s) - 253 like(s) - 546 view(s)
A test qualifying the constitutional competence of a candidate and their staff should be administered to anyone running for elective office. In order to properly represent the people at any level of g...
Deanna Lutz
Impeach Obama
Created by In The President
8 signature(s) - 13 like(s) - 52 view(s)
Make sure to click the link and vote in the poll! We need big numbers to show the Political Pharisee's Obama has gone to far and IMPEACHMENT must be started now!
Southern Sense
South Carolina Citizens in the suppot of the censure of...
Created by In Constitutional
3 signature(s) - 3 like(s) - 20 view(s)
If you live in South Carolina please sign the petition. If you don't live in South Carolina, please send and share the petition, so we can make it go VIRAL!
George Linardos
Created by In Foreign Policy
76 signature(s) - 74 like(s) - 203 view(s)
There are over 125,000 member of the TCP. If all of us sign this petition it will meet the 100,000 signature requirement causing the White House to have to respond, and put Congress on notice that "We...
Dennis Schwab
No Guillotines Required
Bold Taxation And Budgeting Reform, Allocations By Taxp...
Created by In Economic Justice
6 signature(s) - 8 like(s) - 27 view(s)
The purpose of this petition is to inform the US federal government that we the taxpayers and supporters of this petition are of the opinion that the following taxation and budget reforms would bring ...
Jeff Davis
Presidebt 0bama reveals his transcripts
Created by In The President
30 signature(s) - 18 like(s) - 142 view(s)
Presidebt 0bama should reveal his transcripts. He has made certain claims about his background without any facts to back them up. Now that he has hidden this important info long enough to get re-elect...