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Qualify for Elective Office Test on Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence

Congress, President, and all elected officials as well as all levels of government state, county, municipal, and local. Staff members and appointees to be included as well.
Petition Goal
Legislation requiring elected officials at all levels to have a current working knowledge of the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence and probably the Federalist Papers as well.
Start date
February 4, 2013
End date
January 31, 2015
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A test qualifying the constitutional competence of a candidate and their staff should be administered to anyone running for elective office.
In order to properly represent the people at any level of government elected officials and those running for office as well as the staffs of the same should have to demonstrate a current working knowledge of the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Constitution, and probably the Federalist Papers as well. The oath of office requires defense of the Constitution and how can that be legitimately done if one does not have a working knowledge of it and the other founding documents. By definition anyone supporting socialism or communism can not properly represent and defend the founding documents and principles because the purpose of that person is to controvert the principles and doctrines laid down in the founding documents and elaborated in the "Federalist Papers".

Furthermore, appointees of an elected official should also have to take the same test as prescribed above.
Rob Painless
I have thought and suggested this very thing for a long time.
M Steven Gronka
Glad to here it Rob. See if you can get any politicians on board to get it done!!!
Randy Pollock
Give me the test...
hope it includes the
18 enumerated powers.
Ray Gallois
Me too. Would also be good to have some testing done in order to vote and receive public assistance.
Lora Wooton
I wish it was that simple but knowing it to pass a test and believing in it are two completely different things.
M Steven Gronka
You have to start somewhere! If people have to study to run for office it will eliminate some of the slackers that are running now. You never don't do something just because it doesn't achieve your perfectly intended result. Also part of the legislation would be that candidates would have to swea...
Lora Wooton
I believe it's future generations that will right this ship in the end. It will be those we teach this to as a base belief in what America is that will be able to take that test, pass it and apply with conviction. I am not against starting somewhere my friend. But even if Al Franken passed it to get...
Cheree Calabro
I hear you, Lora! I read the Constitution many times but I never truly understood it until I took a class. Then, it came alive and I had an easier time applying constitutional principles. One thing we all could do is work with our local schools to have the Constitution taught.
M Steven Gronka
Perfect point Cheree! Many would be legislators would end up having to take a class in order to pass the test! Imagine that? That would be perfect and is much needed and as you point out they would end up actually understanding the founding documents!!! Wouldn't that be special??? Right on girl...
M Steven Gronka
Thanks Steve! Can you help bring any politicians on board?
LW Currier
We all can. We can present a digital copy of this petition to our Senators and Congresspersons.
M Steven Gronka
Thanks LW. Action is what we need. Plenty of people can point out the obvious, but who is actually going to get it in gear and do something!!! That's why on the Freedom Connector I started the group "Action Jackson: Going Beyond Talk"!!!
Alexandra Federov
You know they will just cheat on the test anyway!
M Steven Gronka
Doesn't mean that we shouldn't try to get the right thing done!!!
We the People Fight Tyranny
There is some irony that they swear to uphold the Constitution, and obviously 90% do not believe that government is limited to the 18 enumerated powers described in it. I am convinced that if only those citizens would had read the Constitution were allowed to vote Romney would have won by about 20%...
M Steven Gronka
Your comment is exactly why we have to get the politicians educated. Can you help get any politicians on board to get this legislation going?
Jean Bailey
If we could get real term limits (can run and seek election for the same office only once, can't hold consecutive offices- ie. legislature then senate, family members can not run for same office, pay raises can not be voted on by those holding office; many of the problems we see would take care of t...
Sandee Hunter
And No LifE Time salaries!!! let them get real jobs so they know what it is to be AMERICAN!!!
Cheree Calabro
Legislators will never vote for term limits. WeThePeople must IMPOSE term limits on our representatives, president and senators every 2, 4 or 6 years respectively.
Bill Tripodi
I'd like to see mandatory drug screening also. Unfortunately, I don't think we have any representatives that could pass either test.
Sandee Hunter
Mandatory for those in office and those on welfare!!! It would decrease the budget greatly!!!
M Steven Gronka
I have some first hand experience with people that populate the staff ranks in DC and unfortunately the use of drugs is widespread and viewed as a joke because they are getting away with it in DC. It's like: Ha Ha look what we can get away with and not have to worry about it! Bad attitude is perva...
Cheree Calabro
I can testify to that! I worked with a ditzy woman who used to work as a clerk or secretary for the FBI under Reagan. She said they were always getting high, smoking pot at work. Everyone knew. Everyone did it. Nobody cared.
Sam Flagg
I'm tired of electing reps that haven't a clue how the whole thing works. They hold our ideals but are incompitant. If we are actually going to have a say in the workings of gov't the very least we can do is understand how it WORKS.
M Steven Gronka
Thanks for the comments Sam! Please help try to get your elected officials on board or anyone who plans to run for office!!!
Sandee Hunter
We should ask that of many of the "clueless" to see if they qualify to vote...I know, it's a pipe dream!
We the People Fight Tyranny
The problem is they would have the clueless write the tests...
M Steven Gronka
We have to make sure that doesn't happen by whatever means. We definitely must be aware of your point. It would have to be a serious test!
Rebecca Brown
A person can pass a test, but to do any good, they must be trustworthy enough to actually follow the constitution
M Steven Gronka
That's why everybody needs to get more involved in the nominating process and not let the party bosses get away with whatever they want!!!
Dina Duke
Employers today look at credit scores, do background checks and do drug testing for potential employees. Should we not as citizens have our "employees" for state and federal offices tested in the same way before allowing them to run for office?
M Steven Gronka
Absolutely! Sign the petition if you haven't already and help out by finding a politician that will help get the legislation going!!!
M Steven Gronka
If the test is appropriately designed and it is continually changed then people will actually have to put out a serious effort to qualify for elective office. Right now any slackerd that wants a pension for life for only two years of sitting in an office at the national level can run for elective ...
Danny Looney
I'm going to contact my State Politicians with a letter about this legislation.
M Steven Gronka
You're a good man Danny! God bless you and don't lose hope that we can get this done!!!
Cheree Calabro
Do you think it's funny that the Constitution says we can petition our government for a redress of grievances but it doesn't say the government has to RESPOND to our petitions?
Millie Howard-Metcalf
And that's a pity, that needs to be changed ASAP!
Lora Wooton
Well in a way that is what lobbying is. It also says they can not impose burdensome fines either yet they do and we let them. The fact that you can get a ticket and go to court, prove your side and have a judge drop the ticket and still pay court cost is a prime example. What are our taxes going for...
♥ Faith Hope Love ♥
All petitions at the WH now also have to have 100,000 was only 25,000. Also note that some petitions were also removed before even reaching the 25,000 signatures. I don't sign them...also have to create an account inorder to sign. I go through my state and county officials. They ar...
Tee Jay
Not to mention BHO has been trashing petitions that have over 100k signatures as being void and of uselessness.
M Steven Gronka
That's why everyone except that disgrace for an occupant of the White House will see what we are trying to get into legislation. Can you help by getting on of your legislators on board to start or co-sponsor the legislation?
Tee Jay
Frankie Cee
I haven't seen any paper petitions on anything federal or I may have signed them. Being on paper, signed to include the voting address of the person signing makes it a valid document, immune to tossing out. Is anyone pursuing this legally?
M Steven Gronka
Thanks for the suggestions Frankie. Hard copy should definitely be part of the program. Do you know how I get that started? We are trying to find a politician that will write the legislation for this. Any way you can help would be greatly appreciated!!!
M Steven Gronka
Precisely right FHL!!! That is why the petition calls for qualification of candidates at all levels of elective office. I have Faith that you will act on your observations and Hope that your local elected officials will respond! I Love your willingness to respond to this effort!!!
M Steven Gronka
Good points Stephen! There would have to be controls and safeguards put in place. What they are doing to further dumb down the education process in California is absolutely reprehensible and disgusting. Of course that is what happens when you have pseudo intellectuals trying to bumble their way ...
Roxann Granger
I'll sign that petition. Tell me how.
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Roxann! When you go on the petition page there is a "Sign" button for you to click. TPC computer servers have been bogged down so if you clicked on the "Sign" button it may not have responded. Try again and the main thing for us to do is find a politician that will get this le...
Millie Howard-Metcalf
Me too, me too
Gene Skelton
I agree with your original petition and have signed, however by reading the comments it seems to have gotten side tracked and away from the Constitution. Which is ironic as that is the point of your petition, Keep focused and dont let these comments get you off course.
M Steven Gronka
Don't worry Gene! When people comment and they have practical things to say I want to be encouraging and not discouraging. The language of any bill that could take shape from our activity here will always stay centered on candidates, staffs, and appointees having to demonstrate through testing tha...
Sarah Hirz
Wow! I was just thinking this tonight! What do you think it would take to get this done?
M Steven Gronka
God bless you Sarah! What it will take to get done is a massive number of people in support of the idea and finding a politician who will write the legislation to start through the process. This needs to be done at all levels of government!

I think a million names would make it heard loud and clear...
Sarah Hirz
Used to be a teacher. I'll write the test.
M Steven Gronka
My hero! God bless you Sarah! Hope we get to the point of having to write the test.
Randy Pollock
<--- raises hand for teacher
John Lambert
Since a majority of liberals currently in office would probably flunk the test, it might be good to require them to show proficiency every 2 years or so.
M Steven Gronka
Good idea John!!!
John Lambert
or lose their seat.
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you John! Good thoughts!
Gloria Dahms
I agree a test might help but like R. Freeze I think they should be held accountable to the oath they take & the first time they go against that oath they are out whether congress, president, vp or any federal office. Period, end of story.
M Steven Gronka
Tested or not politicians should be held to the oath but the precedent is that they never have been. So in order to bring more attention to that the test should be the starting put to change the precedent. In that regard the test becomes more than just helpful.

Also the test eliminates the total ...
Roger Adams
You know, even if it wasn't necessary to pass the test in order to hold office, it'd be nice if they had to take the test. Every time a politician is on TV making some ridiculous claim they could show their name as "Rep. John Doe-D, constitution test score: 12%"
M Steven Gronka
I like that!!!
Thomas Patton
Good start, but, like the Progressives in 1915, we need to take over the institutions of learning and of religion. Thats how they got us here and that needs to happen if we have any chance of having long term success.
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Thomas! Hope you signed and would you help get other people to sign. Also we need to find a politician with enough backbone to write the legislation.
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Thomas! The education foundation I work for developed an education concept back in 1989. When put in place in schools it will help deal with the issues of which you are speaking. Go to and check out the first linked document in the list of linked document...
Gregory Torre
Unfortunately many recent high school graduates will be unable to sign your petition - because they can't read.
M Steven Gronka
Most unfortunate is that some of those people could end up running for office!!!
Geri Sutherland
Oh please, the libs in bed with the putrid media have this Country convinced that you don't even have to be a citizen of this Country to be president with your entire life sealed under lock & key and if you dare ask? you are a bigot and a racist homophobe. We SOOOO need a party with a large set to...
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Geri! Hope you signed the petition and further I hope you know a politician with enough backbone that would write the legislation. Common sense requirements to qualify candidates along the basis suggested by the petition are a basic first step. Your comment recognizes the obvi...
EJ Herzog
One sure method to have the Democrats go by the way of the dinosour.
Philip Fultz
Not a bad idea. And the test could be the same one used to examine prospective citizens when they apply for naturalization.
M Steven Gronka
Good idea Philip!!!
Clint Kepferle
i'm still looking at the map for the other 7 states,,,
M Steven Gronka
Obama's slip of the tongue refers to the 57 Arab States of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation! Shows where his true thinking is!
Richard Clingempeel
Hello! the terrorists are already running the country. Anyone see the budda statue on pres. osamas dresser?
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Richard. Your comments don't advance what is being worked on in this petition. If you really want to help get some people to sign or help find a politician that would help write the legislation.
Betty Parker
I have a pet peeve, I think they should have to have had a study of American History as well as their State history. I'm pretty sure emigrants seeking citizenship knows more than some people that are in office now.
Dave Barton
I agree. Too many hold office yet know little of the Constitution or Bill of Rights. Should be a required teaching. Kris Anne Hall specializes in teaching this.
Jerry Williams
Signed it! I agree. The men and women that are so called running this country should know the founding principals for which this country stands for.
Roxann Granger
AMEN!! And not just know it, not just swear to uphold it ('cause what good has that done) - but also APPLY it!
Richard Dottery
I totally Agree!
Wells Farr
You are required to know the Constitution to enforce the law, to argue the law, to interprate the law, why not to create the law?
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless yo Wells Farr! Precisely as you stated. Please help find a politician that will help write the legislation!!!
Gene Skelton
Its amazing how many comments this petition has but only 47 signatures. If you agree please sign!
M Steven Gronka
Right on the money Gene! I think people are afraid of what will happen with their names once they sign. We may have to use the total names and likes to convince politicians that enough people want to see this done. If we need comments I will get permission from people to use their comments. Find...
Robert Watkins
Ok where can I sign the petition!!
Gene Skelton
Top of the page right hand side. cant miss it (took me 20 minutes to find).
Robert Watkins
Got it Gene, thanks for the help!!
M Steven Gronka
Gotta love team work!!! This is really encouraging to me!
Roxann Granger
LOL :O) Only 20???
Robert Watkins
Signed sealed and delivered.
M Steven Gronka
God bless you Robert! You're a good man! If you know a politician that would write the legislation that would be great!!!
Robert Watkins
At what level are you looking for someone to write and sponsor the legislation?
M Steven Gronka
This legislation is needed at all levels of government, so where ever we can get started I think will help it get started at the other levels as well!
Cort Garnier
Would it not be more sensible to keep liberals, socialists, communists, union types and atheists away from public service?
Roxann Granger
How would you suggest we do that - without compromising the soul of who we are as a republic? If we choose to bar these groups - who's next? Who decides? What if the group near and dear to your heart gets banned?

No. No banning? Just educate, pray, educate, work together, pray, educate, mutual respec...
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Roxanne and Cort. Roxanne where your observations fall down are that the oath of office calls for elected politicians to defend and uphold the Constitution. Since the principles of the socialists and communists conflict with the Constitution and Bill of Rights they can not legi...
Roxann Granger
I don't actually disagree with you, Steven. Swear or affirm the oath to protect, defend, uphold the Constitution, Bill of Rights, Declaration of Independence - got it. Defend the oath - got it. Violate the oath - gone.
I am cautious about picking and choosing "correct" thoughts. Thomas Paine is ...
Ian Henley
You wouldn't have to because they'd out themselves inside their third vote and we could then impeach them! Afterwards, we could take them out to the city center and hang them from a phone pole.
Roxann Granger
Respectfully, language like "hang them from a phone pole," concerns me. Don't we want to be better than those trying their da.....est to silence us? Do I sound weak? If so, why was I given the nickname Ninja Nun in my law enforcement days? My point is = there is a right way and a wrong way to fight ...
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Ian! Impeachment is far more messy and disruptive than having a qualifying test on the front end. Your enthusiasm is appreciated. We could really use some help finding a politician to help write the legislation and we could use a lot more help finding people to sign the petiti...
Laura Goold
They aren't even checking if someone is valid to be prez/hasn't stolen some one else's SSN and now you want them to take a test?
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Laura! No not just them who are there already. Right now any laggard who wants to run for political office just so he/she can get a lifetime pension after serving for one term can run for office. Many current legislators have shown that they know practically nothing about the ...
Lidia Soto-Smith
This should be mandatory.
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Linda! Mandatory is exactly the idea. Do you know a politician that will write the legislation?
John Calo
It should be a annual test..
M Steven Gronka
Hello god bless you John! Test every yeaer is a good idea. At least all new staffers should have to pass the test before starting work for an elected official. We might be able to get a test or refresher course for those starting a second term.
Lynn Wright
For us to get jobs we have to have drug test and lie dictator test why doesn't anybody who runs for office have to.
Bob Gajewski
These founding documents should be read aloud each year by the Congress and House of Representatives with the President in attendance.
Carol Bensing
I suggest a class run by Heritage on the Constitution and Bill of Rights with a test on the class. This before taking the oath of office.
M Steven Gronka
The qualification process properly should be done on the candidates as no one should make it far enough to be elected without having a significant working knowledge of the founding documents. Once these guys are elected they think they have it made and the motivation to learn goes out the window.
g kris rainey
i have to agree here heritage foundation should teach these idiots a class,cause currently many do not pay attention to the constitution
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Kris! Do you have any contact with the Heritage Foundation. It would be excellent for them to be involved in helping get the qualifying test legislation done.
Guns AreFun
I'd rather see mandatory proficiency in macroeconomics. Really sick of the abject ignorance.
M Steven Gronka
Having studied advanced economics at the graduate level I can assure you that a politician will never be able to properly attempt to influence macro-economics without understanding the founding documents.
Christopher Dane
The test might even get the support of liberals if you can swear the first two questions aren't "real name?" & "where were you born? "
Matt Fitzgibbons
It's an excellent idea but it might be impossible to get any government agency to accept the original intent of these documents. Their meaning is clear to all who read them with an open mind and knowledge of history, but too many people who swear an oath to uphold these ideas simply disagree with th...
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Matt! I would suggest even further that the people that get into office don't even know enough about the founding documents to disagree. They just take the oath because it is part of the process and don't even really think about what it means!!!
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Matt! Your observations are exactly why we have to get it done!!! Until we the people show that we are serious about qualifying candidates for elective office, they will never be bothered to take it or us seriously. They kind of lose track of the fact that they are supposed to...
mike polack
What would stop a candidate or their staff from lying and cheating on this "test"? Like all good ideas, there are too many civil liberty violations at stake. Case in point; Should we allow prayer back in school? Hypothetical answer; Yes, that is exactly what this country needs. Result: "oh most holy...
Roger Elliott
U.S. Capitol Tour with David Barton
M Steven Gronka
Testing procedure and format would be designed to prevent that outcome. Right now politicians don't think that we the people care enough about any of this for them to worry about it. If there is no qualification of understanding the founding documents for a person to become a candidate then it hel...
We can not even get the President's birth certificate validated, even though it was proven fraud with what was submitted.
M Steven Gronka
Your comment provides no basis for not trying to do the right thing. If we the people don't show that we want the right thing to get done then it is certain that nothing will get done. As I said to others on my wall. I'm a fighter not a quitter!!!
John Steinreich
Great idea, Steven. Having a requirement that our elected officials understand our founding documents is equivalent to having our doctors understand medicine, our pastors understand the Bible, and our plumbers, electricians, and mechanics understand plumbing, electrical, and automobiles respectivel...
Mary Ellen
She's the one that asked if the Mars Rover could drive over to where we planted that flag on the moon! 314+/- million people in this country....and we get folks like her in congress!
Roxann Granger
Did you hear about the CNN anchor who asked Bill Nye if global warming caused the near earth orbit of last week's asteroid? Just as bad as the Mars Rover on the moon, I think.
Jameson Waterson
I have to take tests for my job, why shouldn't they?
Mick Hargrave
This would be great because we have too many politicians up on the hill that are just riding the gravy-train, bringing home the pork barrel legislation, and have been there so long they know how to work the system to keep getting re-elected without actually doing any real governing at all. From all ...
rhonda cirillo
I don't know what is so hard here. All of these elected officials swear to uphold the Constitution. Obama, along with several others are not and have not. Far as I am concerned that is and impeachable offense. If our Congress wasn't such a bunch of babies Obama would not be in for a second term and ...
Ronald Jarvis
We need to do what Wyoming, Missouri, and Texas are doing. We need to Amend our Constitutions to include language that makes it a felony to introduce legislation that undermines the Constitution and Bill of Rights. You lose your seat and are put in prison if you betray your oath. I have already aske...
M Steven Gronka
Nice suggestion Ron!
Lets also impose a comprehensive background check! O would not even be able to be hired as a police officer in most places with his ties to Bill Ayers, Rev.Wright, etc.and his entire life history would be enough to stop him. But some 51% of the idiots in this country voted for him twice. SICKNING!
Don Loudon
The testing of candidates is one thing but i think what is EVEN more importance is the testing of the voting public! Remember they were the ones that returned the idiot to the WH. and idiot leading idiots!
Bob Arndt
Quite correct sir. An educated voter base would do much to eliminate a ignorant Government.
Dianna Irby
The government wants to remove firearms from vets who may or may not have PTSD. Why can't we the people demand competency tests for ALL voters?
M Steven Gronka
Hello Dainna! You could test voters, but right now this petition deals with qualifying our representatives in elective office so that they demonstrate competency in the understanding of our founding documents.
Allen Tompkins
The tests and requirements are set. It's up to congress to enforce them. At the time it was a Dem controlled congress. I'm starting to worry about the next one and the elections.
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Allen! Unfortunately there is no test as a requirement to run for elective office.
cynthia washington
We have to realize that chidren are not being educated, they are being indoctrinated....I was appaulled to find out how many high school and college students are clueless in regard to their country's history, basis english and math as well as geography...I was told they do not even teach geography i...
Cathy Willer
Some elected officials know the constitution yet don't understand it
Dianna Irby
Is it that they don't understand it; or that they twist it around to meet their needs?
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Dianna! It is up to we the people to make sure that candidates are those that properly respect the founding documents. The best way to start that process is with the test. Right now any laggard that wants to run for office can step into the elective office. If they have to do...
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Cathy! The test can be made in such a way that understanding the documents is required as well as knowing what they say and other statistics about them. It is up to we the people to show that we demand it otherwise they politicians or candidates will never take the subject seri...
Kurt F
An additional IQ test would also be good. And the proof of some accomplishments in life (and I don't mean having squeezed a much as possible money out of "the system")
Cort Garnier
I think anyone running for office at any level of government must pass a test covering the constitution, American traditions and the intent of the founding fathers. If they pass the test and don't follow the constitution they can be immidiatley fired from thier post. Another idea is to prevent liber...
M Steven Gronka
That is why the petition calls for testing candidates running for elective office. That language covers your concern about testing at all levels!
Mark Brennan
Hey Steven, love the petition. My reason for signing got cut off, but long story short, I can think of many amendments to the constitution that are being violated as we speak because too many Democrat lawmakers don't know or don't care about them. 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 10th amendments. Can you think of...
Citizen Freeman
Don't Forget Mandatory Drug testing, That should get rid of about 98% of them up there now.
faithbook (David) 777 (Toro
A great idea. This should have been implemented years ago. To many have changed, rearranged, omitted things while in office. Our founding fathers were no dummies that's for sure. And to think that those in office think that we the people are oblivious to their way of thinking? Not in this lifetime. ...
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Faithbook! The level of academic excellence back in that day was far greater than it is today where we let kids get through the academic system with total fluff. The founders usually could speak at least two languages fluently and knew Latin and Greek as well. They understood h...
Katheryne Koelker
It also used to be that people served in Congress for one term, maybe two--then went back to private life. None of this staying in Congress for 10-12 terms and making a career of it.

The school curriculum also included Scripture, even for the most basic lessons. Prayer, too--until the 1960s and som...
Jean Bailey
Excellent point. Back in the day, we still studied Latin and the Greek philosophers in high school.
Katheryne Koelker
Wonder how they would enforce it, though?
Mark Brennan
Same way they enforce other requirements: if you're under 35 years old, you don't get to run for President. If your score on this test is under a certain threshold, you don't get to run for office.
M Steven Gronka
Right you are Mark.
John Summers
If we did all that, then only true Americans could run for office. How unfair is that to all those folks that want to destroy us.
Bill Nees
Elected officials at all levels should have knowledge of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers as well. The majority of our elected officials are not ignoring their oath of office to protect and defend the Constitution and our Rights...
Roger Camargo
let's take that a step further; have every citizen and naturalized citizen know the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence and the Gettysburg Address! they should teach this in our schools. OH WAIT! THEY'RE SUPPOSE TO TEACH IT IN OUR SCHOOLS!
David Ion
I am the running mate with Bill Nees in 2016. We are the Independent Statesmen Party. A Write In Ticket breaking up the "Political Racism" that the dominant two major party system has created today in the United States of America. All we need is your votes . . .
Lewis Neidhardt is online.
A change of this kind will require an amendment to the Constitution because qualifications for each office are already spelled out in the pertinent Articles.
B. G. Martin
Years ago, when I first registered to vote, I was required to take a test. Had I failed, I would not have been allowed to register at age 21, but would have been allowed to come back a retake the test at a later time. This was discontinued as it was construed to be racist. I thought it was a good...
Roger Camargo
I agree. how can you vote if you don't know the criteria for making a sound decision? and since when did being ignorant conjoin to racial equality? being stupid is not in the Bill of Rights! go to school, pay attention, learn and catch up with the rest of us!
Alexa Brayden
I have never heard of a test before..interested in knowing where and when..
M Steven Gronka
Working on trying to make it mandatory. That's why we are starting with ta petition to show politicians that we the people do care enough about this.
Lewis Neidhardt is online.
They were common in southern states up until 1965. Here's the one for Alabama if you want to see if you would pass.
http://kpearson.project.tcnj.e du/interactive/imm_f...
Joel James
Could we use the Witchduck test for anyone who wants to hold office for more than 2 terms? The Colonials found it worked pretty good to prove is a woman was a witch or not...
mike reid
I like this
Cathy Guffey
Good idea. I think that we need to take the elected officials back to public service. No pay, No free trips back and forth, no insurance you have to have your own. Take it back to a public service the way our founding fathers intended it to be. Then we would have REAL Americans in office. Real Ameri...
Lewis Neidhardt is online.
We would have to amend the Constitution for this to happen. The Founding Fathers apparently wanted them to be paid, since they wrote in.
M Steven Gronka
These comments are in reality off topic with respect to the petition. However it didn't take Amendments to the Constitution for Senators and Congressmen to get perks and it shouldn't take amendments to get rid of them.
Lewis Neidhardt is online.
Except for Article I, section 6 of the Constitution.
"The Senators and Representatives shall receive a Compensation for their Services, to be ascertained by Law, and paid out of the Treasury of the United States."
You have to amend to change the Constitution. You could knock the pay down to $1 a year,...
M Steven Gronka
The key point in your citation Lewis is the phrase "ascertained by law". That indicates that these things can be set by legislation. If you can knock back compensation to $1 without amending the Constitution then the perks can be cut back as well.
Randy Terry
The state of Ga. requires all trade crafts to be licensed to operate a business.. Why not test them also.. I could never understand why I was licensed and the inspector that inspected my work was not required to be..
Sean Lee
Well I am not against the idea.
But please note that Obama is a Constitutional Lawyer.
Of what will leave him with out the Moral Authority to throw him self on the mercy of the Court.
After we convict and sentence him for Treason.
We should make public our intent to pursue crimminal charges against ...
Randy Pollock
How about using ICE's Civics test for naturalization?
Lewis Neidhardt is online.
Here's a quiz you might like. It's based on the citizenship test.
https://www.teapartycommunity. com/quiz/77/are-you-...
Lequar Notlad
signed it!
Lequar Notlad
to M Steven Gronka: on your petition you should change Ferderalist to Federalist ;-)
M Steven Gronka
Thanks for seeing that typo Lequar and bringing to my attention!
Phillip Demers
Not only did I sugn this. I just wrote a letter an e-mailed this information to Sen. Rand Paul asking that he take this to the Senate Floor as a bill for a vote.
M Steven Gronka
Good man Phillip! If enough people do what you did it may get through to him!!!
Phillip Demers
sugn= sign
Susan Sonterre
People make mistakes on the keyboard. U is next to the I. I detest spelling and grammer Nazis...Philip, you did not need to correct your spelling...we all knew what you meant and know you are not a dummy.
william paetzold
Use to be you couldn't get out of 9th grade without passing.
Roy Green
I would start with them learning that it is impossible for $1 of food stamp to add $2 to the economy
LW Currier
What should be and what actually is are worlds apart. When I was in Viet Nam a guy from Poland was my shadow. He joined the Army to get his citizenship, he served his two years that were required at the time and he had to pass both a written and oral exam to gain he citenship as a Naturlized United ...
Kara Hollis Heuer
If they don't know what we stand for how can they defend it?
Ultra Conservative
I am one who agrees with the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence. Signed, a fellow American.
Roy Green
I have no idea why people that handle national security and deal with national security don't have to pass a Security Clearance.. Even the secretaries in my building have to have a basic clearance!!
KIKat Molon
Lidia Soto-Smith
I totally agree and it should be taught in our schools from elementary thru High School. And I mean America's true history also and not the rewritten one.
Ray Gallois
When would they have time in schools to teach the Constitution, they are too busy teaching stuff like Political Correctness and sexual practices, etc.
Philop Thomas
When WE rid ourselves of the cancerous tumors that have infected our Nation, then they'll have time!
TL Frisch
With the new "Common Core" standards, they will not be teaching History or Science and most schools are not teaching it now. If you have children or grandchildren in school you need to check this out....
Ray Gallois
In addition to candidates knowing the Constitution they should also be required to take an aptitude test. It appears that you really don't have to have a lot of smarts to run for public office.
Lewis Neidhardt is online.
Just money.
belinda carr
needed this for along time if you swear to uphold something you need to have at least read it once or twice
You mean that politicians running for office would actually be required to {gasp} KNOW the law before they are put into a position where they make laws?What a radical concept.Only trouble with that is the tests would have to be administered by rainbow hued unicorns with golden glowing horns for the ...
William Bowles
If they don't know them,believe them, preach them,live them and eat and breath them,they have no business running for any office.
Erik Olafson
Even though I signed the petition Steve, the man in the WH is a Constitutional Law Professor. How do we get around THAT?
M Steven Gronka
Obama was given a pass everywhere in his education. Hard to know exactly how much expertise he has on anything except community organizing.
Erik Olafson
Nancy Couden
Tammy L.
we have to get it in the school system too, beginning in grade school during formative years....and not taught / interrepted by radical teachers. They have destroyed us via the schools while we were complacently livng our lives thinking it would never change...
Kelly Hardy
Amazing how many laws we have that we have chosen to not enforce..Do our leaders all swear and oath to defend the constitution or not?....We need to make sure our laws are enforced..
Glenn Meentemeyer
If they don't enforce the CONSTITUTIONAL laws then they should automatically be disqualified and removed from their respective office without appeals. This goes for Republicans, Democrats, any party member.
Ruth Land
Good point Glenn, that I do not think anyone can argue against. Well, maybe the lefties.
Lewis Neidhardt is online.
A senator or representative may be removed from office, but not automatically. Per the Constitution, a 2/3 majority of either house may expel a member from that house. I'm not sure how an 'automatic' disqualification could work.
Douglas Seacat
Rand Paul said he wants to close the Department of Education. Jimmy Carter started this dept. Many of us were educated before this dept bought it's way into our schools. The Communists have worked their way into our schools, media, and presidency. Ending the Dept.of Education is a good start at taki...
Ruth Land
Yes they have Douglas and the American people just don't seem to see that or just don't care.
Ray Gallois
Thanks to the Department of Education kids are getting out of school dumber than ever regarding what makes our country exceptional, they are only being taught what's evil about our country rather than what's great! This is exactly what the Progressives want. Let's get rid of the D of E and bring t...
Anne Drummey
I'm trying to sign this petition!!! Hahaha! Silly me ... The sign was too bright and big for me to see! LOL
james v
great idea
John Chace Jr
Good idea,they need to read the constitution in order to understand it.
Dean Pauley
I would definitely agree and I'm glad someone thought of this. Its crazy to think that some of the politicians that were sworn in to uphold and defend the constitution, actually have no idea what the constitution is saying. How can they defend, uphold or deem bills and laws unconstitutional if they ...
Geri Sutherland
Although I think it should be, as well as served in our military, it will NEVER happen....the pathetic left will treat it like they did the 'showing ID to vote'...they will say that it is unconstitutional and whatever stupid talking points they come up with
M Steven Gronka
We still need to act! The subject needs to be seriously debated!!!
Randy M
I say send it out to ALL politicians and the ones who don't want it are the ones that need to have the light shinned on them like a cock roach when they are up for reelection. put it out there they Don't stand up for the constitution.
Tom Gibb
Suppose they'd pass it after they'd read it?
Maurice R. Hodge
I don't believe it would work simply because It's just another rule for the liberals to skirt. They ignored the Constitution just to get Obummer in our white House.
M Steven Gronka
If we just lay down and take as we have in the examples you alluded to then it is certain that nothing will ever change for the better!!!
Bo White aka 'Grace Book Ma
We were never supposed to have 'career' politicians and about 90% of our modern troubles can be traced back to THEM! :-(
Vince Holochwost
The progressives will now say: "That is NOT in the Constitution!"
Lewis Neidhardt is online.
Anyone who has read the Constitution should say that. Qualifications for office are spelled out in it, so this would require a constitutional amendment to be put into use.
Vince Holochwost
Yes Lewis...but the Progs are NOT saying that about all of the '****' (put in your own cuss word) that they are happy with that is unconstitutional.
Maurice R. Hodge
Obummercrap wasn't in the Constitution, either.
Douglas Seacat
Vote for Tea Party Candidates and contact your Congressional Reps. Let them know what you stand for.
Tee Jay
should of added the Federalist papers to this list too.
M Steven Gronka
Hello God bless you Tee Jay! The Federalist papers were suggested at the end of the petition. It is far too easy for anyone to say they want to represent the people!
David Bushey
BAD IDEA...Not required in the is our job as voters to Vet the candidates for their positions and knowledge...REMEMBER BARACK WAS A professor (Lecturer and Senior Lecturer) of constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School, and knows EXACTLY what's in the documents; the...
M Steven Gronka
How do you propose that we the people vet the candidates knowledge of the founding documents other than them taking a test?
Sandy Henaghan
(envision raised hand here) uh? are we sure he was a professor? lecturer, Sr lecturer does not a professor make. given his penchant for embellishment if not outright lying, he probably KNOWS the Constitution for the purpose of shredding it, inch by inch.
Richard Gregory
From what I understand; Mister Obama's peers never saw him, his professors etc.
I don't think he exists; he's a myth; we need to call on the myth busters for advice.
Richard Wheeler
Reading is not good enough, this was requirement in the past and the progressives ban it. It needs teeth in that if fail to follow the law the people can remove them with and easy and quick vote.
David Delker
I'm surprised you haven't reached out with this Nationally at .... https://petitions.whitehouse.g ov/
Lynn Wright
They should have to take lie dictator test and drug test.
Eric Karsgor
I would add "Common Sense" and "The Rights of Man" both by Thomas Paine.
Alexander Zoller
Why would anyone include a test on the Declaration? Honest question here. It is a beautiful document and an important one, but it is not law, and has no real bearing on anything in modern times. It was essentially a press release in the 18th Century and a "letter of compliant" to a English King. It ...

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