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Call your Representave asking them to support Building a permanent Security wall across the Mexican Boarder.

United States Congress, & Senate
Petition Goal
Have Congress write a Bill to fund Building a Permanent Security Wall across the Mexican Boarder
Start date
November 25, 2014
End date
November 25, 2014
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Republican Politian's who support an "Open Boarder Policy on the Mexican boarder are Wolves in Sheep Clothing. securing the Mexican boarder is defined as building a physical defensible wall that will permanently restrict the flow of illegal immigrants, terrorist, and drug cartels from entering the U.S. Does your representative share your views? Probably not. Call them today. They may say that they support a Secure Boarder, but they are not saying the want to actually have one? They are liars!
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Steve Riley
The great wall really worked well for china! Hmmm...

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