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Free The 1984 Version of the NIV Bible from captivity

Biblica and Zondervan
Petition Goal
Make the 1984 Bible available for sale once again
Start date
February 29, 2016
End date
December 1, 2016
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The latest 2011 edition of the NIV Bible completely altered the original NIV using politically correct language and altered key passages that stray far from the original Biblcal languages. The 2011 edition is not longer a translation but a politically correct paraphrase, and the acronym now stand for, "Neutered International Version." Publisher can publish what they want, but it is disingenuous to say the 2011 NIV is just an edition. It is not. Is it different translation.

What we want is for Zondervan and Biblica to release the 1984 once again for sale, for we believe what they've done is immoral and unchristian, even demonic.
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Larry New
I have never owned nor read any NIV version of the Bible. I'm strictly KJV.I have compared verses of scripture and will not partake of the NIV.

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