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Elect Paul Ryan to Speaker of the House of Representatives

Congress of the USA
Petition Goal
Call your elected officials and demand Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House
Start date
November 11, 2012
End date
December 31, 2012
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Mr. Boehners recent surrender regarding Obamacare and leaving open the possibility of raising taxes is un-acceptable and his non-efforts to fight for and protect the interset of the American people leave us to demand he be replaced as Speaker of the House.
Doug Brown
I like this idea!
michele reece
There is a petitition on FACEBOOK for this too. If you are in favor of it, sign the one on FB too. The more pressure applied, the better our chances! "The squeaky wheel gets the grease!"
Doug Brown
Signed both on fb and here.
Mary Thompson
Actually would like to see Allen West in that position.
Rue McDowell
Allen West would be a great them both
Beverly Gerard
Allen West is still in a battle to win his election ... we need a straight arrow who will stand for TRUTH and the CONSTITUTION!
Jim Robinson
I would love to see either Allen West or Paul Ryan unseat that turncoat Boehner ... (who claims he's unaware of any Tea Party caucus in Congress) ...
Timothy Craig
Boehner is basically being blackmailed by obama.
Josh Hanneman
Mark Levin said Scott Walker should be the speaker. you dont have to be a congressman to be the speaker of the house. Probably wont happen but im for it.
Darlene Taglione
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Darlene Taglione
The republican party either wakes up now, finds a spine, or it's no longer a party that I want to be associated with.
David Fossiano
Boehner has backed down every time. it time we got a speaker with a backbone
George Sarvis
Contact your Rep. and let your voice be heard atives/
Sylvia Ann Handlon
At the end of the day we really need to stop the King makers. They are the power behind this mess and they really need to come down along with Obama and the rest of his cronies he has placed in offices that wasn't there a few years ago. Government is way out of control If we stick together we have...
Jim Parks
We need Paul Ryan!
Delaine Jones
I will sign this petition because Boehner I have never trusted. He is an Obama "yes" man that does not have the guts to stand up to Obama. Get him out!
Delaine Jones
Boehner is a coward!
Ross A Heisler Jr.
Being from Ohio...Boehner must GO!!!!!!!
George Sarvis
Wow Ross, thats a huge statement. If Ohioans are having doubts about him then Houston, we have definately a problem.
Rue McDowell
I wish it was Allen West...but I'll vote because Boehner is so fake.
Julia Amico
Term limits. We can start with a push for term limits. We need to develop a short- and long-term plan to overtake the Dems and shift public opinion in our favor. The Dems have been taken over by cultural Marxists and Communists, and clueless people looking for a free ride. We need to slap the fr...
David Fossiano
Yea first of all take back the senate 20 people. until then we can't do a damn thing
sherry carlevale
Yes Boehner is fake, and if he caves in there will be reconstruction in the House in 2 more years, if we last that long
David Fossiano
The first thing we need to do is get rid of Nancy and Harry then we have to start fighting like they do, just like Chicago thugs. The tell a lie we have to rub their faces in it until America see's the truth instead of backing away. ovomit keeps pushing for tax hike well someone should add up how m...
david miller
get rid of Boehner !!
Christy Rivers
Boehner is useless and cowardly, with a cushy government check paid for by We the People.
Steve Stout
I admire Ryan's integrity conservative values.
brandon gilbert
that is a great idea, we should have just elected him president though
Marjorie Willich
Darrly Issa is also a good choice but Bonehead has got to go
Darlene Gleason
I like conservative views as well. I am new to the site and have just posted a blog of a possible way to reverse the 2012 election. Would you mind checking it out? I would appreciate it; and I will support all your efforts to turning around the fiasco that has been forced upon us. God bless Amer...
Ron Stafford
Boehner needs to go...He's overwhelmed and cry's at the drop of a hat..WEAK!!!
mark santner
Can someone please put up a link to the FB petition,the results in a search bring back just web stuff? thanks
Boehner is a RINO..We need real leadership!
Ann Tromba
Boehner needs to be replaced ASAP!!!! We need someone with a strong backbone and a quick mind. Maybe someone like Paul Ryan would be a good choice.
marianne newell
Our "speaker" does not nor has ever spoken for me. He is a RINO and doesn't have the testicular fortitued to stand up for his convictions ( should he have any ) and I doubt that he has the courage to stand up for the American people's convictions and well once more sell us all down the river and cry...
Deb Moorland
For those of you who are not using your legal name, how can you sign petitions?
River ~
Contacted my representative and told him to replace Boehner with Paul. Going to sign the petition now.
Bruce Parker
I'm In. Boehner will just continue to cave in till there's Nothing Left!
Muriel Katz
We need fighters...not criers. Replace this RINO immediately!
John Schaffhouser
Ryan voted for the fiscal fiasco. We don't need him!
Mitchell Cowan
Ryan is a rino, no can do. He NO better than Boehner.

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